Is the AI Stock Bubble Popping?

The next phase of the AI market phenomenon is here. 

Bloomberg ran a headline this morning that read: “Citi Says It’s Time to Book Profits in High-Flying AI Equities.”

As with most market moves, the banks and media are behind on this one too. 

What Citi is saying is that it is time to ditch the well-known AI names like Nvidia in favor of “a broader array of AI stocks across the value chain.”

We have been telling you that for over a month. 

In early June, our tech editors — John Carl and Chris Curl — put out this short video to help you get ready for the AI buyout frenzy. 

It outlined three small AI stocks set to outperform in this new phase of AI growth. 

All three of them have been outperforming Nvidia since mid-June.

3 AI Stocks That Could Make Us More Than Nvidia

Find out the 3 small AI stocks at the top of Big Tech’s buyout list — and why we’re likely just weeks away from the next round of triple-digit gains.

One is an early leader in what’s known as “edge cloud” computing, which is a cloud network that can deliver content in a way that’s faster and more secure than typical cloud computing.

The second is a data platform that links apps together into a single interface. It has 23,000 clients and is growing. 

And the third is solving complex distribution and supply chain challenges by using AI to manage the sorting and shipping activities in warehouses. 

It was chip companies like Nvidia and Taiwan Semi that paved the road for the current AI mania.  

But now that the road exists, it’s time to use it to travel to never-before-seen AI destinations. 

And new avenues for profit come with it. 

See what AI stocks are set to move next in this new video.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle