Is Gold Still Bullish? - Bizarro World 274

Is gold still bullish? 

Is copper? 

Questions are swirling after the softness we’ve seen the past few weeks. 

Not to worry. Both those assets are still bullish and worthy of accumulating

The US stock market and dollar remain bullish as well. 

What we’ve seen over the past few weeks is a breakdown in equities and narratives in Asia and Europe. In India, for example, Modi didn’t cruise to power as easily as the market assumed. In France, Macron has called snap elections to stave off the rise of the right. 

That is all mostly headline stuff. 

Footage reveals America’s biggest gold mine… 
NOT yet public knowledge

I recently put my boots on the ground in a remote site in Idaho… a place not accessible by typical transportation.

And what I discovered has blown away anything I’ve seen in my decade in the gold and resource sectors.

gerardo-del-real-site-visit.gifThis is the single biggest undeveloped gold mine in America. Not second or third… but #1. And absolutely NOBODY knows about it.

That will all change soon, thanks to a shocking announcement that’s expected any day now… one that will launch one $4 gold miner to unprecedented new heights.

Click here for the full story.

Structurally and fundamentally, many asset classes remain bullish. The market will soon enough find whatever narrative it needs to move higher. In the meantime, dips are worthy of buying and we’ve been guiding readers through that in our premium publications. 

We give a cursory outline of this setup in the 274th episode of Investing in Bizarro World

We also talk at length about junior mining deals. There is one we’re participating in now that you are invited to partake in right alongside us

We also discuss other deals we’re involved in, look at some gold companies with hidden uranium assets, and admonish those gold companies still blaming “the market” for their underperformance. 

All that, plus plenty of potpourri in the 274th episode of Investing in Bizarro World. You can watch the full episode here. 

0:00 Intro
2:14 Macro Tour: Commodities, Indexes, Precious Metals, Dollar
13:15 Junior Mining Deal Talk
25:12 Politics, Banks, Kicking Cans
35:31 Bizarro World Potpourri