Is a Financial Collapse Coming?

The chorus of despair is beginning to crescendo. 

Is a Financial Collapse Coming.

And the singers continue to profit from it — or at least appear to be judging by the clicks generated from online fear videos about The Great Reset or whatever other trope prods the insecurities of the herd. 

Here’s a reality check: life and investing are what you make of them. 

Throughout history, there’s always been a wolf at the door. But these days it seems there are more pigs than usual squealing about one contrived scenario or the other. 

Your editor has heard it all. 

When I first began writing about modern monetary policy over a decade ago — talking about Jekyll Island, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the revolving door of high finance and global governments — all sorts of people came out of the woodwork to share with me their conspiracies about the Truth. 

Yes, the Federal Reserve was created in a clandestine confab and continues to wield its unelected control over the economy and markets. Yes, of course the dollar has lost significant purchasing power since being decoupled from gold. Yes, global debt levels are unsustainable. Yes, governments — or, more accurately, politicians — rarely let a good crisis go to waste. And yes, a two-tiered justice system means there are different rules for ‘us’ and ‘them.’

But is there a global cabal of elites and officials that wants to microchip us, depopulate the world, seize your assets, strip away your freedoms and privacy, and control every aspect of your life? I’m not so sure, though I can see how that narrative appeals to those who failed to thrive on their own. 

And I can also see how it appeals to those who have something to sell those all-to-eager believers — just follow this affiliate link to buy emergency food rations and anything else you’ll need to survive the End Times, One World

Government, or whatever other apocalyptic event you think is coming. 

In reality, which is where I prefer to dwell, prudence, pragmatism, and some common sense have yielded more upside and have a longer shelf life than meal kits. 

Granted, the world can be a tough and scary place. But it’s still possible to financially flourish and maintain individual sovereignty despite the headwinds — both real and perceived — that most of us face. 

I certainly have. And these pages are dedicated to relaying how. 

Besides, if there was a surreptitious system being planned to turn you into a debt and thought slave, do you think they’d make a website for it? So maybe go read up on it at the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset website — — instead of listening to some conspiratorial crackpot on YouTube. 

You really think Big Brother would let those channels exist if they were revealing anything meaningful?

What the fear mongers get right is including just enough truth to make their scenarios believable. 

It’s especially easy when you have a new generation (millennials) coming of age by the tens of millions and discredited systems and policies overstaying their welcome worse than any mother-in-law. 

Every single “the collapse is coming” video or speech I’ve seen always ends similarly: the orator can neither say exactly when it will happen nor what the new system will look like. No one knows, and that’s the fear that drives the clicks and keeps them in business. 

Is having an emergency fund and plan prudent? Of course.

Is keeping a portion of your overall wealth in precious metals pragmatic? The wealthiest people I know do. 

But is living your life in fear and “stacking silver” any way to live and prosper? Hardly. 

So put some gold in your safe — perhaps 5% of your net worth. 

Put a gun or two and some ammo next to it. 

And make sure your living trust is in there as well, because if I had to bet, and with any luck, you’ll need it before the other two. 

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Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle