Investing with Private Placements

I was turkey hunting with my neighbor Gregg the other day. 

His place is about a mile down the road from ours, and has access to a beautiful valley lined with ash-white aspens and basalt bluffs. 

Our families are about the same age, so we’ve gotten to know each other over the seven years since we moved to the Pacific Northwest. 

I met him at 5am and we hoofed our gear to the edge of a just-sprouting alfalfa field, where we set up our blind and settled in. 

Gregg is a Chartered Life Underwriter with a local wealth management and advisory firm, so he was able to make a recommendation when I needed a local tax accountant after Washington state recently passed a new tax on long-term capital gains in excess of $250,000. 

As we got to talking, Gregg told me the accountant had called him after I first went into his tax office, wondering “how the hell was I generating those types of gains?”

The answer, as Gregg knows, is private placements. 

I and many other high-net-worth investors use them to generate six- and seven-figure returns (and more), annually. 

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Not Wealth Management, Wealth Creation

Wealth advisors and managers can be great for tax efficiency, estate/insurance planning, and coming up with creative compensation structures for business owners. 

That’s not what we do.

In fact, the world of private placements is largely foreign to the advisors I’ve come across. And that’s because they deal mostly in insurance products, mutual funds, bonds or other fixed-income assets. 

Those things are much different than private placements, in which you are buying stock directly from a company. 

Gregg’s wealth management and advisory firm, for example, even though it’s a national US firm, was unable to help me deposit shares of stock that I received directly from a company. 

Advisors can be great if you need to divide up, hand down, and generate income from the equity in your grandfather’s regional chain of furniture stores. 

But they are not great at helping you select individual small- and microcap stocks to invest in privately. That is what we do at Private Placement Intel

We’re all for wealth preservation and management if and when you need it. 

Where we come in is helping you create that next level of wealth. 

Who Does Private Placements? 

Our typical member is a business owner or white-collar professional. They own a landscaping business. Or a flooring company. Or a dental practice. 

They are doing well — able to meet the definition of an Accredited Investor, which is required for participating in private placements. That is, they are making $250,000 a year or more and have a net worth of at least $1 million. 

They are comfortably worth seven figures. But they want eight. 

That’s the typical customer. 

We also have those who already “made it” but love the thrill of early-stage speculation via private placement. They already made a killing in real estate or stocks, but like staying active and redeploying some of that capital. 

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“You Can’t Handle My Losses”

My wealth-management neighbor and the accountant he recommended were impressed with the capital gains I’m generating via private placement. 

But it’s a big boys’ (and girls’) game that comes with high risk. That’s one of the reasons you need to be already-comfortable to play it. 

I was at a company dinner after a conference a few months ago, and one of the investors at the table was talking about how people are impressed with the gains he makes by investing in tiny resource stocks via private placement. 

This guy lives in the penthouse of a harborfront hotel in downtown Vancouver. He lives and breathes the private placement financing scene. And something he said about people who ask him for stock tips stuck with me. He said, “They all want my wins but they can’t handle my losses.”

It’s so true. 

Last year, we closed a 616% win on a lithium company that we financed at $0.30 per share. We also closed 141% on a uranium company we financed after it was taken out by a producer. But we also had two 70% losses on deals that didn’t work out. 

The wins have always far outweighed the losses. But only if you play the entire game. You can’t do one or two private placements and expect to strike it rich, though it’s certainly possible. 

Instead, you need to allocate into several deals across different commodities, jurisdictions, and stages of development. You also need access to be able to participate in these deals in the first place. 

That is what we provide. 

We don’t have acronyms after our names. We aren’t fiduciaries. 

We are speculators who provide access to the same private placements we’re vetting and investing in via Private Placement Intel

And we invite you to learn more if you’re interested. I put together a video with six common questions people have when they are new to investing with private placements. Give it a watch. 


If you have any questions, give us a call at 844-334-4700. We are happy to answer them. 

We will be participating in a new private placement later this month. So now is the perfect time to start learning more. 

And since it’s a premium product with a premium price, we offer a full six months for you to try it out risk free. This way you’ll have the opportunity to see and participate in multiple private placements to see if it’s right for you. 

How many private placements do we do each year? 

I address that and several other questions in that video, which you should check out now.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle