Getting Rich from Climate Talks by Investing in Uranium

Climate change will be one of the key political and economic issues of the next few decades, so it helps to pay attention to every big development related to it. 

You may have heard about the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26. Here, countries came together to cement their plans for helping to fight against climate change. Without getting too into the details, new versions of old agreements were drafted, debates were held on how this would be paid for, and some degree of progress was made in getting everyone on the same page. 

There was even a surprise joint declaration between the US and China. The two countries agreed to work to cut methane emissions and deal with illegal deforestation. This was a big deal not just because the two countries are rivals on just about every issue, but because they have the most money to address climate change. 

The declaration of this agreement was welcomed by the international community. Many are saying that this will be one of the most important steps taken in addressing the climate issue. With the US and China being two of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gasses, the optics behind this announcement show that the world’s major economies are taking the issue seriously. 

And while we’re seeing what may be a turning point in nations working together on this issue, we’re also seeing a turning point in where profit can be made. 

One story that hasn’t come up as much is the fact that uranium prices are continuing to climb. 

As the COP26 talks carried on, some of the world’s biggest uranium companies saw their worth go up. Some stocks went up double digits as nations committed to nuclear power in a bid to get away from fossil fuels. Nuclear power is increasingly being seen as the best alternative for keeping the lights on all over the world without burning coal and oil. It’s a reality some countries haven’t accepted yet, but enough have that it’s starting to move the needle. 

Uranium mining companies also saw a recent run of good fortune when the US House of Representatives passed its infrastructure bill. Like the COP26 agreement, it contains language that supports using nuclear power energy in place of fossil fuels. This is a trend that has been going on since the beginning of the second half of this year and is unlikely to slow down. World leaders talk up nuclear power, more people become aware of it, and the few companies in the world that can provide uranium thrive as a result. 

This is a far cry from the years following the Fukushima disaster, where countries that moved away from nuclear and uranium production stalled because of it. With things turning in nuclear’s favor, uranium production is only going to increase as demand goes up. The companies able to pull it out of the ground will be the big winners in the fight against climate change.  

With climate change being one of the big political stories of the next few decades, uranium investing is set to be one of the big investment stories. 

There are certain companies that you can get in now before they take off. 

Because with climate change and uranium investing going hand-in-hand, you’re only going to hear more as the 2020s go on. 

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