Inflation Falls as Commodities Rise, How to Profit

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Inflation seems to be easing with recent reports on consumer and producer prices showing that inflation has likely returned to the Fed’s 2% target. 

Inflation Falls as Commodities Rise, How to Profit

1. Buy Now, Pay Later

Even when Americans feel like the economy is bad, it doesn’t stop them from doing their Christmas shopping. Payments for high-priced items are being spread out, and this is being done on top of mounting credit card debt, which has now topped $1 trillion. That doesn’t spell good news for the economy heading into 2024. But there is a way for you to safeguard your wealth from the kind of pain it could lead to. Click here to learn more. 

2. Commodities Keep Rising

Commodity prices are set to be one of the big investment stories of the first few months of 2024. Gold, copper, and uranium all have the upward momentum needed to make investors rich. You can find out how to play those commodities by clicking here. 

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3. Blackrock and the SEC Meet

Blackrock and the SEC recently met regarding a Bitcoin ETF. The discussion focused on rules regarding listing and trading shares of the iShares Bitcoin Trust. The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies climbed higher when the news came out as traders believe each day brings us closer to an approval and the further breakout of crypto prices. Click here to learn more about what coins you should be playing ahead of the final decision. 

4. Fusion Replication

Nuclear fusion is one of the holy grails of energy-related science because it could potentially power the world with nearly limitless clean energy. Last year, for the first time ever, scientists managed to produce a nuclear fusion reaction. Over the course of the past year, scientists managed to replicate the reaction three times. Mastery of nuclear fusion is still years away, but discoveries like this are what will propel nuclear power to the front of the green energy revolution. 

For now, nuclear power uses the process of fission, powered by uranium. That yellow metal is surging to 15-year highs and will keep climbing as more countries see that climate goals can’t be achieved without nuclear power. As an investor, you will want to look at the small-cap uranium exploration companies that can mine the yellow metal. See the best ways to do that here. 

What to Look For:

With hard evidence that inflation is actually cooling, rate cuts may come sooner rather than later.

Editor’s Note: On behalf of everyone here at Daily Profit Cycle, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. 

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Ryan Stancil
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