How to Ride This Uranium Bull

I just returned from the Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit and am excited to share with you the many exclusive interviews from the conference.

Premium members will start seeing those within the next week but I have to provide you with a uranium update because we are in the early — that’s important to know — stages of a melt-up in both the spot price and the equities.

I want to prepare you for what’s coming because a lot of it won’t make sense and you’ll miss out on a historic run if you aren’t prepared.

Uranium prices are now at +7-year highs but still below the price needed to incentivize production coming back online.

The Reddit crowd has now caught on to what I think will be one of the most epic squeezes I’ve ever seen.

I will provide a more nuanced take in your next issue but the main takeaway is this:

Every uranium stock in the Junior Resource Monthly portfolio that isn’t at 52-week highs yet will be within days.

You’ll be tempted to believe it’s too good to be true and naturally want to sell. That decision is ultimately up to you but let me be clear in saying that every one of those stocks in the uranium portfolio will trade at multiples of what they trade for today within the next few months.

Technical analysis and dated price targets will be no match for market sentiment and greed.

I believe this uranium melt-up lasts 12-18 months. I believe that uranium eventually overshoots to $200/lb before settling at a more sustainable price.

There will, however, be 30-40% corrections along the way meant to shake you out. That’s what a bull does… tries to buck you off.

My advice is to hold every uranium stock in your portfolio. For those of you that have yet to address that part of your portfolio, I’m increasing the buy-up-to price on every name.

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Let's get it!

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle

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