How to Own and Profit from Ongoing Inflation

Inflation, Jerome says, is under control.

Reality disagrees.

Coffee is up 18% in the past six months. Oil is up 10% in the past three months. Copper is up 6% in the past month.

You drink coffee and drive a car, don’t you?

And so, while prices for everyday goods are in the process of reinflating, the Federal Reserve says it’s going to cut rates this year, which will serve to push prices even higher.

Rates go down, asset prices go up.

It will severely harm the have-nots in this country who already have $1 trillion — with a T — in credit card debt and who, according to a recent Bloomberg article, “are now paying roughly as much interest on other kinds of debt, from credit cards to student loans, as they are on their mortgages.”

Jerome says he’s controlling inflation for the American people. 

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I wonder if he’s talking about the people who are increasingly homeless or who are increasingly dying at younger ages from deaths of despair.

I took my daughter out for a burger and a milkshake the other day. Two burgers, one fry, one milkshake, and a bottle of water came to $36.77 after tax and obligatory touchscreen tip — over five hours of work for someone making the federal minimum wage.

I can afford it because I’m one of the Americans for whom the Fed truly works. I’m a ‘Have.’

‘Have-nots’ better beware. Unless they can own the reinflating assets, which they can’t, life is about to get even tougher.

You, as reader of this rag, are clearly a ‘Have.’ 

So you need to be owning the assets that continue to inflate. 

Right now, gold is at all-time record highs. So is cocoa. Uranium is near 15-year highs. Copper is getting comfortable at $4.00. 

You can get three stocks to take advantage of those rising commodity prices right here

But inflation is just one driver of this commodity supercycle. 

It also has the combined tailwinds of the ongoing industrialization of India and China, plus the billions that are being spent globally on batteries and decarbonization. 

If you want to be — or remain — a ‘Have’... then you need to own this commodity inflation in your account

Or not.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle