How to Invest in Private Placements

Publisher’s Note: If you haven’t heard by now, as co-founders and co-owners of Digest Publishing, Gerardo Del Real and I have combined forces to bring you Private Placement Intel. We’ll be bringing access to private placements directly to high-net-worth and professional investors. So if you’re a business owner, white collar professional, dentist, doctor, or trust fund kid… listen up, because this type of investing can be highly lucrative but is only for individuals with a net worth of at least $1 million or those making more than $200,000 annually. If that’s you, you’ll want to check out the discussion between me and Gerardo, below, about why we like private placements so much and what Private Placement Intel can do for your portfolio. We currently have a private deal in the uranium space that is open through December 11. You can see more details here. 


How to Invest in Private Placements

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Gerardo Del Real: Nick and I are excited. As you know, Nick and I have been in the investment space in some shape, form, or capacity for coming up on two decades now.

Along the way, we've been fortunate enough to develop a network of investors and high-net-worth groups that finance a lot of the deals that you see in the public markets. 

When companies are financed at the very early stages, only a select handful of individuals are able to participate. We've been fortunate enough to get involved with a lot of great companies very early on. 

We love the publishing business. But at the end of the day, more of our capital is coming from the private placement checks that we're writing and the risks that we're taking in the market. 

I say all that to say that private placements and the benefits that come along with investing early with a group that's well connected, that is well thought of, that has good credibility has been extremely valuable for us. 

And now it's great to be part of a group that can extend our network and offer it to subscribers. And so Nick and I have launched our new accredited investor service called Private Placement Intel. We’ve merged his network and my network and are bringing in all of the resources and the intellectual capital to provide deal flow on everything from gold, copper, lithium, and uranium stocks to biotech, crypto, AI, and more.

We think private placements are one of the smartest ways, if you're an accredited investor, to make money in the markets. Getting in early, knowing what you're getting into, and then having the leverage of a warrant that allows you a couple of years into the future to be able to secure additional shares at a predetermined fixed price in a bull market can do really, really well for you people.

Nick Hodge: Private placements have been the main tool that we’ve used to grow our net worth in recent years, including Gerardo first recommending Patriot Battery Metals at 16-cents and watching that grow to over $17 at one point for gains over 10,980%. That single stock has changed the lives of many of our members.

And I was fortunate enough to get in early on a biotech play called ImmunoPrecise at pre-consolidated 5-cents that ultimately got itself on the NASDAQ and went to an eventual high over $20. Gains from that shell level were as high as 10,492%.

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We've recommended a couple of other multi-baggers and thousand-percent-plus winners along the way. I've done over a hundred deals since.

We have been at this for a while. I personally have the experience of participating in over 100 private placements. And that has begotten a broader network. So we see more slide decks and we see more deals and we get to vet them. 

Gerardo mentioned the warrants. Yeah, obviously gravy on top when you can get them. Just like an option, they give you the opportunity but not the obligation to buy more of a stock if the price goes up, which we did get to do with Patriot Battery Metals and with many others along the way. 

My closed portfolio of private placements, by the way, is up over 88% for 2023. That's average per closed deal this year.

We have an open portfolio as well. Those open positions are up on average more than 100%. So the average open winner is more than a double, which is good work if you can get it. 

And now we'll be combining forces with Private Placement Intel. 

Here is a free video we put together that covers all you need to know about investing in private placements. It covers topics like: 

  • What Is a Private Placement?
  • How Does a Private Placement Work?
  • Do You Need to Be an Accredited Investor?
  • Why Can Private Placements Be So Lucrative?
  • Is There a Required Minimum to Invest in Private Placements?
  • How Do You Find and Get Access to Private Placements?

Give it a watch here.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle