How to Heat Up Your Portfolio This Summer - July Foundational Profits Issue

Oh man, it is hot out there.

It was world-record high temperatures for June.

And July hasn’t been any cooler. The oceans are boiling and it's above a hundred degrees in much of the South and Southwest United States, and across Europe and Asia.

I hope you're staying cool out there.

How to Heat Up Your Portfolio This Summer - July Foundational Profits Issue

One thing that is staying cool is economic data, despite the price rise we've had in both the S&P and the NASDAQ over the past couple of months.

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A lot of things on the macro side continue to slow. We've got Europe now officially in a recession. We've got ISM manufacturing data showing contraction, not just in Europe in places like France and Germany, but also here in the United States where the stock market hasn't gone down along with this economic data.

We'll soon be getting Q2 earnings from the S&P companies, which will be out over the next couple of weeks. And so far there looks to be negative earnings growth.

And then later this month we'll get the Q2 GDP number, which I believe will show that the U.S. economy continues to have stagnant growth.

Despite all this, the stock market's been going up for the past couple of months.

And that's what I dive into in the July issue of Foundational Profits.

We look at where we've been with Federal Reserve rate hikes, where we are with employment, where we are with interest rates, and where we might be going over the next couple of quarters.

And I reveal how I'm positioned — including my largest position and how I'm adding to it.

You'll get that in the July issue.

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You also get a look at Asia. We were recently in some emerging market stocks in Asia that were dominated by Chinese positions, and we've cashed out of those as the planned reopening in China isn't going according to plan.

They're already back to cutting rates at the Chinese central bank and looking at doing additional stimulus because the Chinese economy isn't growing as many thought it would, including me, as they reopened from COVID. So we look elsewhere in Asia, where there are several countries that are expanding economically, and we enter a new position in one Asian country in this July issue.

And then there's a deep dive on lithium and battery industries, particularly about how there's a seemingly constant stream of new announcements of breakthrough batteries that never seem to be adopted by the auto manufacturers and why the auto manufacturers are going to be reliant on existing lithium-ion technologies for the foreseeable future. Plus the one company that’s on the cusp of striking a major deal with a lithium off-taker for the only permitted and ready-to-construct lithium mine in North America.

The last thing I take a look at in the July issue of Foundational Profits is gold, which we've been playing beautifully, getting really long with a royalty company last fall and watching that rise, and then adding some miners recently. And of course we own the metal itself. I did a deep dive in last month's issue and we get a checkup in this July issue on the ranges where gold is trading, when you should be buying and when you should be selling, and what vehicles you should be using to do that.

So a lot to get to in the July issue of Foundational Profits. I certainly hope you'll check it out. I hope you've been staying cool and maybe you can heat up your portfolio with some of the recommendations you'll find in the issue.

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle