How to Handle Bank Failures and Volatility - Bizarro World 210

Multiple banks have failed in the past few weeks. Volatility spiked to its highest level in five months. What does this mean for you and your portfolio? The answer might depend on if you proactively prepared for the softness that is now here. Gold and crypto are up while other commodities are down sharply. How should you be thinking about positioning in commodities? Plus: When will we get back to growth and why you need to be macro aware. It’s all in episode 210 of Investing in Bizarro World

1:25 Gerardo’s Patriot Update
2:38 Market Update: How to Handle Bank Failures and Volatility
10:11 Commodity Update: Gold, Crypto, Silver, Oil
19:29 When’s the Turning Point? 
25:39 Why You Need to Be Macro Aware

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