How Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Fights for Cryptocurrency and Civil Liberties Against the Biden Administration

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am loath to discuss politics. 

But one must admit that it influences our lives in a big way. 

There are few people on the left or right who would deny the catastrophic nature of the Biden presidency at this point. I will spare everyone the details as we have all been living them out over the last couple of years.

Economic, social, and geo-political woes notwithstanding, this administration has sought to attack one of the few remaining lifeboats left for people on this sinking ship: cryptocurrency.

In fact, the Biden regime has weaponized various agencies to go after the entire crypto industry. 

It’s so bad that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has thrown his hat into the ring. 

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How Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Fights for Cryptocurrency and Civil Liberties Against the Biden Administration.

Despite previously showing little interest in a political career he recently announced his intention to run for President as a Democrat in 2024. The media has already released a maelstrom of attacks stating that he would be the worst possible President Kennedy and slandering him as an anti-science conspiracy theorist.

This is the man who has long been skeptical of our modern vaccine schedule and the potential health impacts it’s having on children. He also wrote a damning book about Dr. Anthony Fauci, where he sought to expose him as a fraud and Big Pharma shill. 

I’ll let you decide if he is a crackpot or a hero.

But he recently gained my attention when he went on a Twitter rant railing against the Biden administration's attack on cryptocurrency. 

In it he also expressed his concerns about FedNow – the new digital payments system being implemented this summer. He claimed that it is nothing more than the first step towards central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and the inevitable erosion of civil liberties through a social credit system. 

He pointed out that since 2008, the “banksters” most benefited from the Fed’s $10 trillion dollar printing bonanza while the rest of us suffered from a depressed economy and ever increasing inflation. 

Kennedy hit the nail on the head when he talked about Bitcoin stating: 

“Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin give the public an escape route from the splatter zone when this bubble invariably bursts. So the White House is colluding with the banksters to keep us all trapped in the bubble of profiteering and control.”

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He also highlighted the work of Nic Carter, who discovered how the White House enlisted bankers to participate in a sophisticated and widespread crackdown of the crypto industry. We saw this recently with the attack on banks who provided services to crypto platforms.  

And last, but not least, he quoted Balaji Srinivasan when he recently stated that, “The distinction between FedNow and a CBDC is important from a technical standpoint, but not from a civil liberties standpoint.”

Regardless of where one stands on the political spectrum, standing up for basic civil liberties and a free market should be the priority of every American. 

Hopefully, truth and reason will win out over tyranny and fanaticism. 

Here are some coins that will benefit as this all plays out.

Chris Curl

Chris Curl
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle