How High Can Copper Go?

I’ve been writing for the past year about how a copper bull market isn’t far off, and how there's no easy solution for the coming supply shortfalls.

As you’ve likely seen in recent news, I’m no longer the only one. The chorus is getting louder...

Bankers and analysts of all stripes are now acknowledging the coming bull market for copper.

Citi told CNBC at the beginning of this week that they:

“...believe the second secular bull market of copper this century is now underway — roughly 20 years after the first such cycle.”

Demand has emptied the world’s stockpiles... so much so that, according to Bloomberg, they’ve fallen to a 25-year low.

“The warnings keep getting louder: the world is hurtling toward a desperate shortage of copper.”

And then Nick Snowdon, Goldman Sachs Head of Metals, put it this way: 

“The thing about the copper market is that we've never been in such an extreme set of fundamental circumstances. We've never had to go to end demand destruction pricing to achieve a rebalancing. 

The bull market of the 2000’s was nearly entirely solved by supply responses. And a very rapid increase in mine investment. That's clearly not going to be the majority solver this time… So we don't rule out that copper could be [$25 or even $50 a pound.]”

The climb in prices will bring about an entire new generation of copper producers who can leverage the high price to cover startup costs.

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But from where?

That’s the question few analysts are discussing yet.

While they’re now acknowledging the supply is dwindling, their short soundbytes don’t include a solution.

There is no Copper Santa...

There are only existing pit mines, which are already pushed to capacity.

And exploration for new copper mines is the lowest it’s been in a century...

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This lack of discoveries will force producers to get creative in unlocking new sources.

Technology will also play an important role.

As I’ve written for the last year, one of the most important new sources of copper will be from old ones that have long been left behind.

You see, the majority of the world’s copper is trapped in low-grade waste rock. 

Billions of dollars of reserves have long been considered “impossible” to recover.

But new chemical technology is changing all of this. 

A powerful “blue water” formula can pull the copper drip-by-drip out of the waste rock, unlocking billions’-worth of new copper from old sources that have been overlooked for decades.

mine blue water.jpg

And many of these sources (including the one pictured above) are in the US, where they’ve been abandoned for decades.

America has fallen behind in project development and hasn’t had any significant new projects in decades.

But that’s finally changing...

The rising price of copper is turning these US-based sites into viable projects — and potential cash cows for the companies using this new “blue water” technology.

I recently visited several of these sites to learn where the opportunities are as an investor.

I saw with my own eyes how these small copper miners are using these powerful formulas to turn mining’s trash into copper treasure (and I put everything I learned into a new video presentation).

And the rising price of copper will reward their efforts — as well as early investors.

The higher the price of copper goes, the more revolutionary (and profitable) this “blue water” technology will become.

Make it your own,

John Carl

John Carl
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle