How the Government is Making Some Uranium Stocks Tax Free

Russia is poised to open a new front in its conflict with Ukraine. 

While Putin’s invasion continues, nations throughout the rest of the world are doing what they can to combat his regime. It seems like news comes out about new sanctions every day. Putin, for his part, is fighting back with economic threats of his own. 

He’s already got a growing list of banned exports but recent news suggests that list could keep growing. 

According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, the Kremlin is considering banning the export of uranium. 

That news caused a pop in the stocks of different uranium companies and took the price of the yellow metal to a 2022 high. 

The move is in response to US sanctions, and Russia has an advantage here. 

That’s because the US relies on Russia and some of its satellite states for a good portion of the uranium used in our nuclear energy plants. If that supply gets cut off, no friendly nations would be able to step in and make up for the shortfall right away. 

Bringing uranium supply to the level we would need is something that would likely take years. 

Even with that in mind, conversations are taking place about our dependence on Russian uranium. The Nuclear Energy Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based trade group, is looking at what effect disruptions would have. 

There’s still some time, according to the group, because plants refuel every 18-24 months and plans for refueling are usually made two to three years in advance. 

It’s an issue worth looking at because of potential plans regarding Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). Many see this technology as the future of nuclear power generation because of its versatility. So any disruptions from a potential ban on Russian imports could mean a delay in their implementation. 

Right now, the US gets about 20% of its electricity from nuclear plants, but that number needs to go up to fight climate change. So the nation’s leaders are taking notice. 

About a week ago, a group of Republican senators introduced legislation to ban imports of Russian uranium. This obviously wouldn’t matter if the Kremlin follows through with its threat, but the fact that lawmakers have given it thought is symbolic. 

Then you have recent news out of Wyoming, where the governor introduced new laws to give nuclear operators some incentive in his state. Governor Mark Gordon recently signed a law that would allow operators to store waste in Wyoming — and would make them exempt from taxes until 2035. 

This is just one instance, but it shows that US lawmakers are paying attention. It shows they not only know that nuclear power is the way forward, but that we need to do everything we can to have a secure, reliable supply of it. 

This newfound focus means the companies that can provide that reliable uranium supply are going to be bringing in history-making profits. 

The cycle is just starting, but as Putin’s war continues, more people will start talking about nuclear power. That means more money will be flowing into the suppliers. 

You’ll want to invest right away and profit as the sector takes off. 

One small company, right here in the US, has a uranium resource that will make it one of the key suppliers during this boom. 

It’s already seen its stock rise, but this is just the beginning. 

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle