How Gold Can Protect Your Portfolio

What have you paid for gas in the past few weeks? 

How about the food you had for dinner? 

Or, if you’ve booked a flight recently, what did you pay for that? 

No matter what you had to buy, you no doubt paid way more for it than you would have even six months ago, never mind a year. 

It’s an ugly reality that seems like it’s only going to get uglier. 

According to a statement released by the US Department of Labor late last week, its producer price index, which measures inflation before it reaches consumers, climbed 0.5% in April from its March number. The real story, though, is how that number is up 11% from April 2021. 

As all of this goes on, the Fed is still floating the idea of increasing interest rates. 

Food banks are having trouble keeping their shelves stocked as more people reach out for help. 

More Americans are having to cut in some areas of their lives just to put gas in the car. 

The nation’s leaders offer toothless soundbites when they aren’t shifting the blame. 

When President Biden spoke on the issue last Tuesday, one reporter suggested that the president should ask Americans to drive less and take public transportation to deal with increased gas prices. 

Essentially, the American people have been told they’re on their own without being told they’re on their own. 

The only real surprise behind any of this is that the country’s leadership, the very people responsible for solving the problems they helped create, are wearing their ineffectiveness so openly. 

It’s something that’s likely only going to get worse. 

In just a few months, the Democrats will be fighting for their lives at the polls and trying to justify their existence. Republicans, if history is anything to go by, will continue their culture wars instead of offering any meaningful policy.

The people will be left to figure it all out while elected leaders do everything except what they’re supposed to. 

That’s bad enough in normal times, and even worse with a volatile market eating away at what little wealth many people have. 

Protecting that wealth has become one of the biggest priorities for many Americans. With the broad indexes spiraling over the past few weeks and share prices of just about everything trending down, it can be hard to know just where your money should go in order to protect it. 

Even gold, a longtime haven against market volatility, hasn’t been able to escape the pain. 

But that’s where you can find opportunity. 

The yellow metal, like everything else, has seen a decline in value over the recent weeks. Unlike a lot of other sectors, however, its fundamentals are strong and only going to get stronger. 

Even with gold’s price down, it’s proving to be far more resilient than many other areas of the market. That’s a good sign that it’s one of the few sensible places to invest when nothing else seems to make sense. 

The summer months are typically quiet when it comes to investing. That means it could take a while before gold companies get their time to shine. But it also means investors will have time to add to their portfolios and take advantage of the discount many names are selling at. 

There’s one particular gold position that is set to take off the moment gold prices start to rise and the yellow metal begins leaving all other sectors behind. 

This isn’t a name you’re likely to learn about from the usual talking heads. That means there’s more profit opportunity for you if you act now. 

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle