How Artificial Intelligence Can Prevent & Solve Crimes - Bizarro World 214

Longer-term bond yields continue to fall, leading gold (and silver) to continue breaking out. This episode looks at what’s driving the precious metals and what comes next for the sector. It’s been a year without Mr. James Dines. We hear from some of his readers. A look at helium as an overlooked commodity in the resource sector. Using artificial intelligence to prevent and solve crimes. How the government “protects” you. Plus: big-time copper company consolidation. It’s all in episode 214 of Investing in Bizarro World

0:00 Intro
0:54 Gold (and Silver!) Breakout
7:58 A Year without Mr. Dines
11:35 Helium Worth a Look
14:07 Bob Lee & Using AI to Prevent and Solve Crimes
20:34 How the Government “Protects” You
25:40 Copper Consolidation

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