High Prices Aren’t Going Anywhere

Since last week: 

We got some bad news this week with the release of September’s Consumer Price Index. That’s likely to continue when we eventually get the data for the third quarter. Now is the time to buckle up, because the Fed is only going to get even more aggressive. 

Bad new with September's Consumer Price Index.

1. The CPI Rises

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for September showed us that inflation isn’t going anywhere. That means more aggressive actions from the Fed and rising expenses for all of us. It’s up to you to take the steps needed to protect your wealth. 

2. Oil as a Weapon

OPEC has cut oil production, leading to increased prices and talk of retaliation from the White House. How it will ultimately play out is anyone’s guess, but you can expect weaponization of natural resources to be more common in the near future. Commodities of all kinds are going to be the biggest investments of the next decade, and nations are going to take advantage of that.  

3. Greece Runs on Green

On October 7th, the entire country of Greece ran on renewable energy for five hours. IPTO, the company that operates Greece’s electrical transmission system, says this is a first step in making the country’s energy mix greener. It was done using a mix of wind and solar. This is a trend you’re going to see across the world in the coming years, and one that’s going to prove to be very profitable. 

4. Westinghouse for Sale 

Westinghouse Electric Company, one of the biggest nuclear power companies in the world, was just acquired by a Canadian consortium of companies. The companies behind the consortium are Cameco Corp. and Brookfield Renewable Partners. The move is a consolidation in the nuclear power industry, one that’s set to grow over the next few years and make those who make the right investments now very wealthy. 

What to Look For:

One thing you might start hearing more about soon is the debt ceiling. It’s going to be a fight between the two sides like it always is, but its outcome will be determined by how the elections play out in a few weeks. 

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle