Here's the best way to position for gains ahead of April's Bitcoin halving

I never knew how to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies until I started following our in-house crypto expert Chris Curl of Crypto Cycle fame.

He makes it so easy. And he even has a real money crypto portfolio that you can follow and trade alongside.
Chris started that portfolio in 2023 with US$50K. It’s already worth twice that. And he’s aiming to turn it into a cool million-plus in very short order.

By following Chris, I’m now set for the next leg up in the crypto space, which is coming in two weeks’ time.
How do I know that? Well, because I follow Mr. Curl!

He’s been telling his readers about an upcoming crypto catalyst that’s now set in stone. 

Two Crypto Catalysts 
That Could Hand You A Fortune In 2024

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It’s an event called the “halving” and it’s written directly into Bitcoin’s code.

It occurs roughly every 4 years… and it ALWAYS triggers a powerful surge in the price of Bitcoin…as you can see by the chart below. 

history chart

We’re already seeing some “pre-halving” upward price action as the world’s largest cryptocurrency charges toward US$70K. And it’s likely only the very start of what’s to come. 

Best of all… it’s not just Bitcoin that’s set to benefit. Each time this halving event has occurred, it has triggered a robust bull market for Bitcoin AND other smaller cryptocurrencies known as altcoins.

I’m mostly excited about the altcoins Chris is eyeing post-halving as they offer even greater upside potential than Bitcoin itself.

Chris has a wealth of experience in these smaller, often funny-sounding coins. And he’s raked in some truly spectacular wins… including 92X on one particular altcoin. 

Plus, a number of coins Chris recently purchased in his real money portfolio are already up several hundred percent, and we haven’t even gotten to the halving event yet!

Folks, if there was ever a time to get involved in crypto — it’s now… right before the fourth-ever Bitcoin halving.

Best of all… Chris explains the nuances of this once-every-four-year event, along with the very best ways to position, in his upcoming webinar. He’s timing it perfectly to give you time to get set up right before the halving occurs.  

You’re in the right place to receive your webinar invite… so stay tuned.

Then, post-halving, Chris will be hosting an exclusive call-in session for Crypto Cycle members. This will be one of many future opportunities to ask Chris your crypto questions live and receive a real-time response. 

I honestly can’t think of any other crypto service that offers that level of personal touch. 

Yet, that’s simply Chris going the extra mile for his subscribers… and he’s happy to do so. After all, crypto investing is his passion and there’s nothing he enjoys more than bringing others along for the profitable ride.

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So, to quickly recap, there are three important things coming up in rapid succession. One, Chris’s pre-halving webinar event in about a week. Two, the halving event itself in about two weeks. And three, the exclusive post-halving call-in session with Chris on April 24th. 

It’s all setting up for a very, very exciting April in the cryptosphere… one that could set the stage for one of the most profitable periods in the history of the space. 

Keep an eye out for your webinar invite. This is going to be an incredibly exciting journey. 

Yours in profits,

Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle