Headlines Are One Thing, Reality Is Another — Bizarro World 206

Is the bear market over or is there more downside ahead in the overall stock market? That’s the question that kicks off episode 206 of Investing in Bizarro World. Then there’s a lengthy discussion on the battery metals market, including lithium and rare earths, and why headlines in the space are one thing, but reality is another. That discussion includes a full update from Gerardo on Patriot Battery Metals. You’ll get some random thoughts on copper, a balloon conspiracy theory, and you’ll see how the restaurant industry has its workforce pay to suppress their own wages. It’s all in episode 206 of Investing in Bizarro World.

0:00 Intro
1:43 Overall Stock Market Index Update
4:00 Lithium Market & Patriot Battery Metals Update
26:06 Random Copper Thoughts
30:53 Balloons Errywhere
35:14 The $15 Handwashing Class Warfare

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