Gold waits as tech rises

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Since last week: As employment numbers hold strong, recession fears wane even further. Those fears could drop even further if the economy grows as some project it will. 

1. Gold Lies in Wait

Amid geopolitical turbulence and a hesitance by the Fed to raise interest rates, gold is holding strong. This is the kind of environment that creates the perfect buying opportunity for the yellow metal. You can learn more about the kind of play that can make you rich when the market begins to take off by clicking here

2. Kentucky Nuclear

In the state of Kentucky, lawmakers on both sides have shown support for nuclear energy. A bill was put forth to establish a state agency that would help support the development of nuclear energy in the state. Kentucky currently has no nuclear plants, so if this foundation is established, it would be getting its first. It just shows how widespread acceptance of this power source is becoming. That’s why it’s going to be one of the biggest investment stories of the next decade. Here’s how you can benefit from it

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3. Nvidia’s Continued Rise

Nvidia showed it isn’t done yet. The tech company saw its price jump 16% on Thursday, increasing the market cap by $273 billion. This, of course, is on the back of investor interest in AI. That market is only going to keep growing, and Nvidia’s fortunes will only grow with it. Here is how you can invest and benefit from that same good fortune

4. Coal’s Continued Fall

Coal use in the United States continues to decline, now making up only around 15% of power generation in the country. Over the coming years, that number will continue to trend downward as renewable energy takes over. Now is the time to buy a stake in the right companies making that happen. Here’s where your investment dollars should be going

What to Look For

As we approach the end of the first quarter, more news may come out showing economic resilience. This could change the outlook for potential rate cuts.

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle