Gold Stocks to Invest in Now

Gold is now over $2,300 per ounce on Jerome’s deranged dovishness as inflation ticks higher. 

This comes after closing Q1 above $2,200 to confirm its bullishness. 

Gold stocks, which have so far lagged behind the yellow metal’s record-breaking run, are starting to catch a bid as well. 

Even on the smaller end of the spectrum. 

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The VanEck Junior Gold ETF (NYSE: GDXJ) has poked its head above $39.00, the level it needed to breach and hold for a successful breakout. 

GDXJ chart

It has breached. We’ll now see if it holds. 

The breaching has coincided with upticks in some smaller resource names, some of them sharp as the still-illiquid sector gets pushed around by small amounts of capital. 

One we’ve been chronicling for you here is up 60% in the past month. 

And it isn’t just the rising gold price that’s propelling it. 

This gold stock has significant wind at its back in the form of other catalysts. 

In the past few months, the Department of Defense has given it $50 million for reasons you’ll understand once you see our research on this gold stock here. It wants access to the rare mineral that will also be extracted from this mine right alongside the gold. 

Then there’s the royalty funding. One of the biggest royalty companies in the world came in last month and gave this company millions in exchange for the silver it will produce. 

And then, just this week, the company announced it had an indication for a non-dilutive way to fund the construction of the mine. The stock went up 30% in a single day on this announcement alone. 

All this is happening now because the mine is expected to be approved soon. Like this quarter. 

The approval comes after a long and arduous permitting process that has taken some eight years. 

But the payoff will be worth it. 

We have been following this mine since it all started. 

And it’s about to pay off in a big way — especially because its approval is coinciding with record-high gold prices. 

There’s a reason one of the savviest investors on Wall Street has chosen this as his major gold investment vehicle. 

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Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle