Fed Rates Went Up Again. Now What?

Since last week: 

We got another rate hike, and possibly a path to pausing? 

Fed Rates Went Up Again. Now What?

1. Interest Rates

Just as many thought would happen, the Fed raised interest rates again this week. The rise was a quarter point and it was the tenth straight raise in an attempt to tame rampant inflation. The Fed also dropped language anticipating future hikes, making many believe that a pause is coming next. Whatever happens, now is the time to take charge of your investments to weather the next few quarters. 

2. More Shootings

Earlier this week, a shooting at an Atlanta hospital left 1 dead and 4 injured. The shooter was captured after an hours-long manhunt. This comes just days after a shooting in Texas left a family of 5 dead. These tragedies seem to come one after another, which is why we are increasingly turning to technology to prevent them. One company, with a successful trial run in Mexico City, is bringing its system to America to save lives and keep this from happening again. 

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3. Crypto Rally

Bitcoin recorded more daily transactions than it ever has in its history. Much of that can be attributed to an interest in Ordinals, which allow users to embed data into Bitcoin's blockchain, similar to NFTs. It also coincided with the latest bank failure and consolidation with a big bank. Despite the environment cryptocurrency finds itself in, its popularity is growing and so is its value. 

4. Nuclear Approval

A new Gallup poll shows that support for nuclear power in the US is at a 10-year high. The campaign to show the benefits of this power source seems to be working, and with it being the best source of reliable and low-emission power generation, the number of people with a positive opinion of nuclear power will likely only go up in time. This is good news for uranium producers and investors.

What to Look For:

The debt ceiling fight is going to heat up. It’s also possible more bank failures are on the horizon.

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle