Economic Troubles Near and Far

Since last week: 

More prominent names and outlets are chiming in on the fact that the economy is heading for rough times ahead. The headlines point to names like Musk and Bezos, but prominent economists are also starting to ring warning bells. 

2022 economic Slowdown is coming.

1. Tax Bracket Changes

Tax brackets for 2023 have changed. That means workers in the US will see marginally larger paychecks beginning in January. This was all done to adjust for inflation, but this doesn’t change the fact that your buying power is lower. The best way to offset it is through smart investing that will thrive in this down market. 

2. Clean Energy’s Tipping Point

Clean energy is fast approaching a tipping point. Power generation from renewables is inching closer to mainstream mass adoption. This, paired with dropping costs, is going to make energy investing one of the hot sectors. Here in the US, one stock is set to benefit immensely. 

3. Germany’s Nuclear Future

In Germany, Chancellor Olaf Scholz ordered three nuclear power plants to continue running. They’ll be going until at least the spring when they were originally supposed to shutter in December. Germany is slowly realizing that they need nuclear. Uranium miners were up on the news, and they’ll continue being one of the best investment plays for the foreseeable future. 

4. Biden’s Barrels

President Biden has been releasing oil from the country’s strategic reserves, and oil investors are worried he could flood the market with more oil following recent spats with OPEC. This is another example of commodities being used as a weapon and shows just why it’s such an important investment sector. 

What to Look For:

We’re starting to see signs of economic trouble all over the globe. The UK just lost its prime minister after only 6 weeks because of her economic policies, and China is refusing to show its GDP numbers, leaving everyone else to wonder just how bad things are. More grim news from overseas like this might be on the horizon.

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle