Copper Investing via Private Placement - Bizarro World 215

Markets have been dull and flat with subdued volatility. What might change that? We look at the Fed, corporate earnings, GDP, the VIX, and the precious metals. Copper’s long-term bull market and how to get positioned using private placements. Blind shootings and culture wars. Plus a quick wrap up of what we’re watching in the markets this week. It’s all in episode 215 of Investing in Bizarro World.

There is extended discussion of two current private placements in this episode. After watching the podcast, if you want to participate, you can learn more about Gerardo’s private placement service called Junior Resource Insider here. And about Nick’s private placement service called Hodge Family Office Private Intel here. 

1:55 Markets: Fed, Earnings, GDP, VIX, Gold & Silver
10:43 Copper Investing via Private Placement
25:38 Blind Shootings & Culture Wars
43:09 Market Wrap

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