Consumers put McDonald's on notice

Since last week: Nvidia surged and ETH got its ETFs. That led to a lot of accounts growing. 

1. Prices Retreat

Consumers are finally getting fed up, and some companies that got away with price raises are now having to pull back. Biggest among those companies are Target, Walmart, and McDonald’s. While those companies have long been affordable options, they have been lowering prices and offering deals amidst consumer pushback. This could be the start of a trend, which could bring relief to consumers in a changing macro market. You’ll want to make the most of those changes to thrive in said market. You can learn how to do that by clicking here

2. Copper Soldiers On

Copper is poised to be one of the biggest investment stories of the year. It’s enjoyed a sizable gain in value in recent weeks but has seen a pullback over the last few days. Still, it has everything going for it, which means this is just an opportunity to buy at a discount. Click here to learn about one of the best ways to invest in this crucial commodity

Commodity Stocks Are Breaking Out

Here are ten stocks to position in now

3. Nvidia Pops

It seems like there’s no stopping Nvidia. Its stock price surged this week on the back of first-quarter earnings that blew away expectations. The company is in the position it’s in thanks to its massive advantage in the field of artificial intelligence, a field expected to continue to expand for the foreseeable future. While Nvidia itself continues to be a strong bet, as an investor, you can make bigger gains by investing in lesser-known stocks in the field. Click here to learn some of the names you should be buying


Ethereum ETFs were approved this week and the leadup to the approval saw the price of the coin rally. In the hours after, the price pulled back as some traders cashed out with their winnings, but this just creates an opportunity to buy at a discount. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum has tailwinds behind it that will likely see its value rise over the rest of the year. Click here to learn one crypto expert’s insights and see why Ethereum still has plenty of runway ahead

What to Look For

Consumer sentiment continues falling, showing that inflation is still a massive worry for many. The coming weeks will dictate how that weighs on the economy overall.

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle