Commodities can't be stopped

When I wrote to you last week, gold had climbed to a new high of $2,200. 

Today it’s broken past that, pushing to $2,254. Record-breaking highs have become a daily affair. By the end of next week we could be looking at $2,300, if not higher. And whatever the exact price, the uptrend is building strong momentum of higher highs and higher lows. It’s going up.

The price of gold is just one of many indicators that we’re living in a unique moment in history. Prices are always cyclical. But when major catalysts (overseas wars, tension with China, a fraught election) combine, that leads to a supercycle. 

Yesterday my colleague Gerardo Del Real held a special event to talk about this supercycle. He explained why it’s coming, why it’s unstoppable, and why it’ll be here much sooner than anyone thinks.

He also explained his plan to make money on this supercycle as an investor.

This trading strategy just uncovered three new trades.

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Now, I’ve done well for myself over the years and built a tidy little fortune. But Gerardo has done even better. Just last year he made millions on a single stock trade. Millions on a single trade! All in a matter of months. I’ve known a lot of famous investors but few are pulling in returns like that. Gerardo’s deep knowledge and insider-level connections within the commodity industry have paid off.

And from everything I’m seeing, it’s going to keep paying off. When Gerardo says we’re due for a supercycle, I take that very seriously.

I took notes during yesterday’s event, and here are a few key takeaways...

  • The highs we’re seeing for gold are about to be seen for copper, silver and other key commodities
  • Investing in well-positioned junior resource companies can lead to exponential returns when commodity prices climb
  • Gerardo is targeting small companies with new exploration discoveries — keeping close tabs on exploration has been one of Gerardo’s secrets for making bigger returns than other resource investors.

But that wasn’t all. Gerardo also revealed details of a new company he’s following and outlined the reasons why this company is so ideally positioned to benefit from supercycle prices.

Gerardo is calling this discovery the “Trade of the Decade.”

If you missed yesterday’s event, there’s still a short window of time to watch the replay. I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes and hear what Gerardo said during the event. Commodity prices are on a tear and aren’t slowing down.

Find out why we’re about to see a history-making supercycle that’ll create a massive spike in commodity prices — and how you can make life-changing gains as an investor.

This moment won’t come again.

Make it your own,

John Carl

John Carl
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle