Buying Oil & South America - August Foundational Profits Issue

Hey, Nick Hodge here, the editor of Foundational Profits, where I show you the exact foundation I'm using to grow and protect my long-term wealth.

I show you how I'm allocating my retirement funds into the market — into which ETFs, into which sectors, into which countries, and into which specific stocks.

It's a monthly issue. It comes with a model portfolio. And every month I update you on that portfolio and the ongoing movements in the market — policy, economic growth, inflation, jobs, et cetera.

Foundational Profits August Issue

And I show you how I'm maneuvering my portfolio — in real time — month to month.

The August 2023 issue is now ready. It's late in the summer. This rally we've been having in the market is starting to fade a little bit as inflation remains above the Fed's target and as growth GDP in the US remains stubbornly slow. Getting a bit of stagflation, as it were.

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This issue goes macro light because I've pounded the table on my macro thoughts for thousands upon thousands of words over the past couple of months, and nothing has really changed in August. This August issue is really about the portfolio.

There's 15 stocks in there with plenty to do. I run through most of the positions because it's earnings season. We look at the Q2 numbers for the portfolio positions that we have in our Foundational Profits portfolio, and there's actions to take.

  • We lock in some profits on a consumer staple name.
  • We put a buy rating on a new gold name that I'm adding shares of, if the price is right.
  • We take a look at South America because we go all over the world to allocate our capital.

We look at some big resource mining deals that have been done in South America lately by wealthy Russian entities, by Saudi Arabia, and by some large banks and automakers trying to get their hands on resources for this electric vehicle boom.

And then we take a look at energy. Specifically, we look at uranium and we look at oil, both of which are perking up of late. The uranium price has been ticking up, now at some $57 a pound, and oil is holding up well over $80 and has been going up for five or six weeks in a row.

I add a South American position in this August issue. And I add an energy position.

So there's plenty of action to take. This is a really actionable issue in that we're taking profits and we're adding new positions to the portfolio.

And there's no time like the present to start getting your financial house in order... to start managing your retirement and other portfolios yourself, and not paying a financial advisor to do it.

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Foundational Profits is one of the tools you can use to help you make allocation decisions, or even just to follow what a professional investor is doing. As I said, this is how I'm managing my long-term wealth. So in some respects, it can take some of the thinking out of investing for you by providing you actionable and timely insights and a model portfolio you can follow to achieve the same results I do.

It’s the perfect time to join Foundational Profits and get this most recent August issue by filling out the form here.

It's a good place to start because we run through the entire portfolio and you can hit the ground running with this new energy recommendation and South American recommendation.

I hope to welcome you soon as the newest member of Foundational Profits.

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle