Buy This Helium Stock for 3,000% Gas Profits

We have been generating serious profits from our commodity positions.

Whether oil and gas… rare earth metals… or copper and other base metals…

Readers of mine have taken hundreds of percent to the bank in recent months and are sitting on hundreds more, including:

  • 280% on Ivanhoe Mines
  • 185% on MP Materials and
  • 154% on Cameco Corp

This has all been done with large companies listed on major exchanges.

But it’s possible to make even larger profits than that by harnessing the same trends that drove these larger companies higher: inflation, a lack of quality resource deposits, and rising demand because all these things are needed for the green energy transition.

The way to make higher profits in the same trend is by owning lower-priced companies that can outperform their larger peers.

Identifying and speculating on these smaller companies is how you take your investing to the next level. It’s the main way I’ve built my market-based wealth.

Timing in these things is highly important, just as it is with macro investing.

But unlike macro investing, the timing with smaller individual stocks is related to individual company catalysts. This timing can be related to company financings, development dates, or other milestones.

The Helium Stock with Potential 3000%+ Gains 

In the case of my most recent large speculation… it has to do with a very tiny company that is bringing a new plant online for a gas that is fast rising in price: Helium.

Sources of it are incredibly hard to find and a huge shortage has emerged.

And while companies scour the universe to find more… one small company has found giant deposits of it here in North America.

The stock trades for under 50-cents. And it’s drilling and evaluating wells right now to determine how much is there.

Results are due out in the fourth quarter.

When the drills are done turning and it tells the world what it has after September 30th… I expect this company to trade much higher.

In fact, I think no less than 3,000% gains are on the table for those who get in now like I did.

You can see all the details here.

But you need to do it now.

The news is due out in the fourth quarter.

I can’t know when it will be announced and I of course want all my readers to get in before the news is released for maximum upside.

That’s why I’m taking down this information after today’s September 30th deadline.

Call it like you see it, 

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Nick Hodge
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