Bull markets abound. Here's how to profit.

Since last week: The Dow cleared 40,000 but might struggle to maintain that momentum. 

1. Credit Card Troubles

The mainstream line seems to be that inflation is pulling back. But the average American hasn’t gotten the memo. Credit card balances have been climbing with the average now being $6,218. That’s up 8.5% from the year prior. Borrowers are also falling behind on payments as costs climb everywhere else. This is something that is only going to spell trouble down the road. As an investor, you want to take steps to safeguard your wealth in the kind of environment this will create

2. The Commodity Bull

Amidst market turmoil, the commodities sector is experiencing a bull market that has been a long time coming. Everything from uranium to silver to lithium has seen their value rise, and this is only the beginning. Click here to learn more about what companies you should be buying in these early days of the bull market

80% of the World’s Copper Was “Impossible” to Mine… Until Now

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3. The Gold Bull

Gold prices climbed on recent inflation data, showing investors still trust the yellow metal to be a hedge against inflation. All the signs show that inflation will continue to persist for a little longer, which means gold is still a strong investment choice. Click here to learn about one gold play that will help you thrive during that period of inflation

4. The Crypto Bull

Crypto prices, particularly Bitcoin, enjoyed a similar surge for the same reasons. While cryptocurrency continues to be a roller coaster as far as prices go, the factors point to it being a viable long-term investment. Click here to learn which ones you should consider buying

What to Look For

Persistent inflation continues to weigh on consumer sentiment. This could spell trouble heading into election season.

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle