Black Friday Worries and Green Energy Moves

Since last week: 

Sam Altman’s firing from OpenAI and his hiring by Microsoft has been making headlines. The fact that he was unemployed for only three days shows just how in-demand AI is. 

Black Friday Worries and Green Energy Moves

1. Black Friday Worries

The busiest time of the year for retailers has officially begun but many are worried. According to recent analysis, retailers that cater to upper-middle-class clients have seen their biggest sales drop in two years. The worry is that six-figure earners are becoming more frugal, which could be a sign that recession is on the horizon. If it is, the latest issue of Foundational Profits provides you with a roadmap for protecting your wealth in that kind of environment. Click here to learn about the steps you have to take. 

2. Argentina’s Election

The people of Argentina have decided who their next president is going to be. Javier Milei, a pro-crypto populist, was named the winner and the price of Bitcoin climbed 3% on the news. This is just one example of how a single news story can cause a big shift in the value of crypto prices. These are the sorts of catalysts it helps to keep an eye out for. Chris Curl talks about how events like this can help make fortunes for crypto investors. Click here to learn all about his insights.

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3. An Agreement on Fusion

The US is set to establish an international strategy to commercialize nuclear fusion power at the upcoming UN climate summit in Dubai. The plan will involve several countries that will cooperate to speed up commercialization of the process in a bid to reach climate change related goals. Catalysts like this are why uranium demand is going up and will keep going up. Click here to learn how you can profit from that.

4. Indonesia Goes Green

Indonesia has just launched an investment plan that will see renewable energy infused with $20 billion. The country wants to cut its carbon dioxide emissions to 250 million metric tons, versus 350 million, by 2030. This goes alongside plans to increase renewable energy in its power generation to 44% by 2030, up from 12% in 2022. This means the country, like so many others, will need raw materials in order to power their green-energy ambitions. Copper will see the biggest surge in demand, just as supply tightens. Here is how you can profit from that.

What to Look For:

Sales numbers from Black Friday will illustrate the public’s confidence in the economy.

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle