Bizarro World Episode 136: Watch Me Whip on My Neigh-Neigh



The Fed isn’t raising rates yet because it can’t. It needs the inflation it says doesn’t exist to run hot to help inflate the national debt away. This makes your dollars worth less. Which is why everything costs more. You can use the Fed’s force of evil for good if you know how: by owning the things that are inflating in your brokerage account. We solve the job shortage, immigration crisis, and War on Drugs… and show you why the government can’t, won’t… or doesn’t want to. Plus: Crypto buying opportunity, diversification & portfolio construction, and stock sectors that are bullish now. And where did all these uranium experts come from?

1:50 The Guy in the Purple Tie: Fed, VIX, Gold
3:40 Demystifying the Fed: The Upside of Inflation
7:33 Easy Solutions to the Job Shortage: Immigration and Weed
11:08 Cannabis: Government Helps Banks, Not People
14:12 Electric Vehicles: Vegan Leather & Child Labor
19:58 Buying Opportunity: China “Bans” Bitcoin
24:50 Diversification & Portfolio Construction in the Resource Space
34:10 Stock Sectors That Are Bullish Now
38:28 Private Deals We’ve Recently Funded
42:24 Battery Metals Company Spotlight
44:27 Look at All These New Uranium Experts