Bizarro World Episode 131: Confidence in the Crookedness of the System



We get it. The virus has been with us for nearly two years. Everyone needs to get a grip and refocus, because this virus isn't going anywhere. Like with most things in life: a little common sense and personal responsibility will go a long way. Markets continue to rotate amid renewed stock market volatility. The enabling of Afghanistan. What OnlyFans banning porn reveals about the future of payments. Why the Sackler family exemplifies what’s wrong with the U.S. justice system. Plus: Random outdoor deaths.

1:00 The Second Covid Positive Episode
11:45 State of Discourse
16:25 Markets: Gold, Defensive Highs, Commodities, Dollar
21:35 Conference Season: Vetting New Ideas
    (New Orleans Investment Conference)
23:38 The Enabling of Afghanistan
31:40 OnlyFans: The Future of Crypto & Payments
43:15 Sackler Family Exemplifies What’s Wrong with US Justice System
56:25 Random Outdoor Deaths