Bizarro World Episode 130: Bi-Man



Stocks at all time highs, but it feels like they’re going nowhere. That’s because of the rotation that’s on, which we’ve discussed a few episodes in a row. A lithium company we helped finance is on the verge of permit approval — another example of how we’ve led the “green metal” charge for years. Plus: Danger in the age of memes… and the case for silver.

2:58 Market: Gold, Bonds, Dollar, Sector Rotation, Bitcoin
6:12 Lithium Victory Lap
10:28 Covid & Climate Change
13:15 Danger in the Age of Memes
21:49 Privacy: Apple’s New Abuse Tool 
26:55 The Case for Silver (new mine tour video here)
33:17 Battery Metals
34:53 Britney’s Almost Free 
36:46 Market Wrap