Bizarro World Episode 115: China, Climate, Taxes, Debts, & Resets



Gerardo and Nick talk about Bitcoin, gold, and uranium before turning to President Biden’s recent speech (China, Climate, Taxes, Debts, & Resets) and lighter topics like murders at Fort Bragg and recent DoJ indictments. But then: mushrooms.

1:30 Bitcoin (not shitcoins) as a Platform
4:45 Gold Still Boring
8:20 Uranium’s Positive Sentiment
13:19 Biden & China & The Climate & Taxes & Debts & Resets
23:00 Chicago Sues Indiana Gun Store: Common Ground
36:01 Murders at Fort Bragg
44:18 Department of Justice Indictments
47:25 Matt Gaetz & Roger Stone Letter
50:08 Mormon Sex Therapy & Fourth Turnings
52:45 The Brewing Mushroom Market