Bitcoin's Halving Happens Today

Fellow investor,

I’ve been waiting over a year for today to arrive.

Just a few hours from now, when Bitcoin’s blockchain reaches block #840,000, we’ll finally reach the “halving.”

It’s the moment when the amount of new bitcoins created is cut exactly in half. It’ll happen automatically and it’s been part of the original design of Bitcoin from the beginning.

There’s no way to stop it or slow it down.

Politicians, billionaires, hackers, governments... nobody, and I mean nobody, can stop the halving.

In a split second Bitcoin’s supply will be reduced, lowering inflation and boosting the price. The halving makes efficient use of the law of supply and demand. There have been three halvings already, and each one has led to a subsequent explosion in price.

Molotov Cocktail Ignites Gold

Geopolitical tensions and wars. Debt issues at home. Central bank buying.

A global and economic molotov cocktail has provided consequential tailwinds for gold.

Gerardo has constructed a portfolio of gold exploration stocks meant to provide you with significant leverage as gold breaks out to new highs.

And you can get access to them risk-free.

You won’t want to miss these.

This Fourth Halving will likely be the biggest we’ve seen yet — and even with recent pullbacks, it’s still poised to soar for record highs.

bitcoin halving

So if you haven’t already, this is your final moment to find out more about what Chris has planned for this event. He’s put together a detailed “playbook” to maximize the profit potential of this event, which he’s sharing with his Crypto Cycle readers. You can watch his new video that explains all of the how’s and why’s of how it works.

And as I told you last week, if you want to make the most gains, it’s about a lot more than simply buying some Bitcoin and calling it a day. This is your last chance to get inside before the actual halving event.

I’m personally invested (I made money using Chris’ recommendations during the last crypto boom — I’m also the host of Chris’ new video) and I’m all-in on Bitcoin’s growth potential. I think we’ll see significant gains as the effect of the halving pushes Bitcoin’s price to new highs.

I’m shouting it from the rooftops: you’re not too late if you make your move today.

Make it your own,

John Carl

John Carl
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle