Bitcoin’s Doubling Deadline

No Investor Can Afford to Ignore This Massive Event

Chris Curl made 9,450%+ during the last crypto boom — but says: “this will be so much bigger.”

Fellow Investor,

The countdown has already begun.

Just a short time from now, Bitcoin is going to experience a major price event…

And there’s no way to stop it.

The moment it happens, it’ll change crypto forever.

And as I’ll explain in detail over the next few minutes... this major price event will impact not only Bitcoin, but the mainstream markets as well.

Most average people have never even heard about this event — at least, not yet.

And very few retail investors are expecting it.

But the smart investors who are in the know have already been preparing.

In fact, they’ve been getting ready for this event for more than a year now.

So if you’ve been thinking of buying Bitcoin…

Or if you’re already holding some crypto assets…

Or even if you’ve not gotten into crypto before, but have been watching and waiting to see what it’s all about...

Then you’ll want to be prepared for this massive, world-changing price event.

If you set yourself up correctly, and follow a careful step-by-step playbook, you can use this price event to your advantage.

In fact, if you prepare yourself in time, there’s even the potential for you to make the biggest gains you’ve ever seen in your lifetime.

But make no mistake…

If you sit on the sidelines, or if you try and ignore it, or if you make even the slightest wrong move — not only will you miss out on what are likely to be the biggest gains in crypto we’ve seen yet, but you could ALSO be stuck with catastrophic losses caused by the market shift in this major event.

You could lose money EVEN if you don’t own crypto.

I’ll explain why in just a moment.

Bitcoin Is Going to Become More Valuable
Whether You Like It or Not

You see, Bitcoin was carefully designed from the very beginning to make itself more valuable.

It was written right into the core of its code.

And nobody can change or alter it.

They also can’t speed it up or slow it down.

So when Bitcoin makes itself more valuable during this price event, it’s not doing so based on the whims of the Fed, or debt-loving politicians, or based on some agenda.

Tech lords, computer programmers, and even hackers can’t change it either.

Bitcoin has become the trillion-dollar asset that it is because it has consistently, without the input of anyone or any government, ticked block-by-block across its blockchain without any intervening.

This Bitcoin price event is a hard-wired mechanism that’s locked tight inside its original code as a failsafe to combat inflation.

It’s called The Halving.

It’s happened three times already…

And each time the halving occurs, it’s led to a surge in price — exactly as it was intended to do.

Here’s how it works…

Each time a Bitcoin transaction takes place, it’s written as a single line in a long spreadsheet, called a “block.”

It doesn’t matter if the transaction is tiny or massive, it goes in the block.

And the information on these blocks is shared worldwide by anyone who uses Bitcoin… creating what’s known as a “blockchain.”

I’m sure you’ve likely heard this word before.

Because it’s the blockchain that’s at the core of Bitcoin’s technology.

And it’s also the code of the blockchain that sets these price events known as Halvings.

And the first 3 have already happened.

Now, I know all this probably sounds technical, but it’s more straightforward than you might think.

The Halving simply means there won’t be as many new Bitcoins created as before.

Exactly half, in fact.

That’s why it’s called the Halving.

The people who run the computers that process Bitcoin transactions are called “Miners,” and they’re paid for their efforts by “mining” transaction fees called “rewards.”

In order to keep the incentives high for miners, and prevent inflation caused by too many rewards, Bitcoin cuts the reward amounts during these Halvings.

It’s a brilliant design, and that’s why Bitcoin has continued to grow in value.

And it’s also why the Halving is such a major price event for Bitcoin, because it limits inflation and kicks price growth into high gear.

As I said earlier, the Halving was built into Bitcoin by careful design — it was put there from the very beginning as a way to combat what would otherwise be inevitable inflation.

At the end of the day, it’s simple supply and demand.

Smaller mining supply, more value.

A helpful way to think of it is as a doubling of value.

Especially since the halving causes Bitcoin to gain value relative to other currencies, including the dollar.

Thanks to the Halving, Bitcoin’s value is going to increase against the dollar, all of sudden, in a single moment.

The same goes for the Euro. And the yuan. And the pound. And the yen.

It doesn’t matter what currency we’re talking about, Bitcoin is moving up.

It’s going to increase in value relative to gold as well — and to all other major commodities.

Now, I know a lot of this may sound confusing or complex…

But truly, it really is just good ol’ supply and demand.


Simple as that.

And sure, while there are a few technical details involved for those who care about that kind of thing, you honestly don’t need to worry about any of those.

They don’t matter for what counts.

For example, I personally don’t know much about working on cars or engines.

I’m no expert on what’s going on under the hood.

But that’s never stopped me from using a car to get to work on time.

Or kept me from off-roading trucks.

Or from driving stick, or racing through the desert in a $300,000 sports car.

I think you get my point.

You don’t need to know the greasy details of how to rebuild an engine to be a successful driver.

And you don’t need to be a wonky crypto programmer to be a successful Bitcoin investor.

And thankfully, we also have an expert to help us along.

And that’s my longtime friend and colleague, Digest Publishing’s own crypto guru Chris Curl.

An Expert to Bitcoin’s Doubling Deadline

He made incredible returns during the last crypto boom.

I know, because I was there.

Thanks to Chris’ recommendation, I was able to make 1,033% on the cryptocurrency Fantom (FTM).


I turned the $4,000 I invested into $41,320 — that’s real money from a real return.

And other investors were able to make even more on Chris’ other recommendations, including…

  • 2,133% on Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • 6,011% on SafeMoon (SAFEMOON)
  • 9,450% on Dogecoin (DOGE)

And he’s been making triple-digit gains over the past few months, even during crypto's hardest moments, including prescient calls on Solana, Bonk, Polkadot, Polygon, Samoyed, and Raydium.

And it’s important to note that Chris made all these returns while also steering clear of crypto’s pitfalls…

Chris encouraged his readers NOT to buy into the ill-fated FTX… and he and his readers haven’t lost a single dollar to Sam Bankman-Fried or other bad actors in the space.

Chris even published an article calling Sam Bankman-Fried “the devil,” weeks before the news had broken about that fraudulent scandal.

Chris’ readers were never in danger.

Chris has a keen sense of how to sift through the hype and find real, lasting value in what’s new.

And that’s why he’s our guide to capitalizing on this trillion-dollar event.

Chris tracks the estimates daily — and at the current trajectory the halving will occur sometime here in the spring of 2024.


Likely early April.

But let me be clear: by the time the halving arrives, it’ll be way too late to position yourself for the biggest profits.

A History of Halvings: Why the Halving Has Led to Profits Every Single Time...

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Chris Curl

Chris Curl
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle