Bitcoin to reach US$150K by year-end

Late last week, we finally got the Bitcoin halving event we’d been anticipating.

And although the market’s response, so far, has been muted — with the world’s largest cryptocurrency dipping from around US$67K to currently right around US$63.5K — our in-house crypto expert Chris Curl of Crypto Cycle fame believes the pullback will prove short-lived.

He’s calling the current retracement “fear-based” and opines that you want to be buying during the fear and selling during the hype… not the opposite. 

The bottom line is that, even with the pullback, Bitcoin is still very much in a confirmed bull market as demonstrated by the chart below.

bitcoin weekly graph 
And with the successful launch of a slew of Bitcoin ETFs this past January, and with the mining rewards now cut in half, Chris says six-figure BTC could happen as early as year-end. 

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As you can see below, every single Bitcoin halving event has been followed by a tremendous spike in value… and Chris expects this time to be no different. 

bitcoin halving charts

A lot of the upward impetus will likely come from the big banks, such as Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and Wells Fargo, among others, which Chris believes are set to commence capital inflows into the newly-trading Bitcoin ETFs starting this summer.

And with those inflows, Chris sees BTC topping out in the US$120K to US$150K range during the latter part of the current bull cycle. Again, we’re talking year-end or possibly into the first half of next year.

Most importantly, it’s the smaller altcoins that are really poised to break out on Bitcoin’s strength… and that’s where Chris is truly laser focused. 

These are the tiny micro-cap coins that can deliver exponential gains in near overnight fashion IF you know which coins to buy.  
Chris does.

In fact, Chris has reaped a number of incredible altcoin wins to the tune of 10X, 20X and even 90X gains.

As just one example, Chris bought Dogecoin for a mere eight-thousandths of a penny… and it shot all the way to 74-cents for a monstrous 9,150% gain! 
With the halving now in the rearview mirror, Chris has his eye on a number of similarly priced altcoins with true Dogecoin potential.  

And there’s more. Chris is managing a real money portfolio that you can follow and trade alongside. Chris started that portfolio in 2023 with US$50K. It’s already worth around twice that. And he’s aiming to turn it into a cool million-plus in very short order. 

Best of all, Chris is an excellent teacher and takes the time to explain to his readers what he’s doing in the crypto space every step of the way, including with every trade. 

And he even has quarterly call-ins where you can ask him your crypto questions directly and get his expert response in real time. 

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Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle