Billionaires Buying Gold Stocks

Billionaire John Paulson is best known for shorting the housing market in 2008.

It’s a trade that made him $15 billion. 

It also made him a legend on Wall Street as he was immortalized in books and movies. 

Author Gregory Zuckerman’s best-selling book about Paulson’s housing short was simply titled, “The Greatest Trade Ever.”

Today, there is another trade in John Paulson’s crosshairs. 

He’s making another large bet — one that could make him even more than his housing trade. 

The billionaire is piling into gold. 

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Paulson now believes a crisis much bigger and more fundamental than 2008 is about to unfold.

A shift in money and power that will be totally irreversible.

In a recent interview, which got little fanfare, he mentions three cracks forming in the American system.

Combined, they could trigger a “gold panic”… a shift from fiat money to bullion. They include:

  1. The End of the Dollar’s Hegemony — as the BRICs seek to challenge American power by replacing the dollar with other currencies, including gold.
  2. The Central Bank Gold Buying Frenzy — as global central banks replace a record amount of dollars with gold.
  3. The end of the American Empire — as our allies, like Israel, are besieged, Russia gains power in Europe, and our military withdraws from critical strategic locations like Afghanistan.

These catalysts are all converging to create a perfect storm for gold.

That’s why Paulson concludes… “So you'd be better off keeping your investment reserves in gold at this point.”

But what he didn’t mention is how he’s buying those gold reserves.

And it’s not bullion, big miners like Barrick, or even futures.

He’s moving in on one virtually unknown tiny gold stock instead.

And he has history on his side. 

From international entanglements abroad to extreme partisanship at home…

From record government debt to record central bank gold buying…

We’re shaping up for a gold bull market unlike anything we’ve seen since the 1970s — a decade during which gold prices went up over 2,000%. 

Select gold stocks soared much more than that. 

That is why Paulson — and other billionaires — are loading up on gold. 

And we found one that he’s loading up on for several reasons.

Paulson now owns nearly 40% of this tiny gold miner

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Again, he made $15 billion in 2008 shorting housing. 

What does he see in gold that could make him even more? 

Our in-house resource expert, Gerardo Del Real, has put together an in-depth report that reveals all the details you need to profit alongside Paulson’s massive gold bet. 

You can see it here.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle