The Best Ways to Protect Your Wealth with Gold

During times of volatility or uncertainty, most people's first reaction is to do what they can to protect themselves.

It shows up most commonly in the form of panic buying ahead of storms and, in recent memory, pandemics. 

Or, as we saw last year with the shutdown of vital fuel pipelines, gasoline. 

You might even remember a few years ago when people thought President Obama was going to ban many types of guns and there was a run on ammunition. 

The point is, a lot of times, wanting to protect yourself in an unprecedented time can be misguided action with good intent. 

Still, it’s worth thinking about. Especially now. 

We’ve already spoken plenty about the havoc Putin’s war has caused in many different aspects of life. Thousands of soldiers have died, millions of Ukrainians are now refugees, and everyday Russian citizens are living under the toughest economic sanctions in living memory. 

Beyond that, the world’s economy has been dealt another blow right after the pandemic crippled it. You don’t need to go any farther than your local gas station to see that. 

Throw that on top of increasing food costs and spiraling prices in the stock market, and you might be wondering just how you can protect yourself during all of this. 

With indexes hurting and even individual, reliably stable companies dropping in value over these past few weeks, investors have been left with few options. 

But they can still pick some investments that will weather the storm.

It’s been said time and again how gold shines during a crisis.  It’s been living up to that reputation since this conflict started. 

Gold has been having a good year that really picked up toward the end of February, right when Russia’s invasion began. In the weeks since it’s only continued climbing.

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At one point, it went past $2000 per ounce, very close to its all-time high, before pulling back. 

But that pullback was likely because people have been taking a profit. 

This means that, as this conflict continues, gold’s momentum will likely push it well past its previous high and help preserve the wealth of those who invested in it. 

It will be one of the few forms of wealth that thrives while balances erode everywhere else

For those looking to get into the sector, these are two of the best ways to do it:  

  • Coins have long been a popular form of gold investing. Unlike many investments, you can actually hold them. They’re also low maintenance and can be passed on to heirs. 
  • You can also buy shares of the companies that deal in gold. Whether they physically pull it out of the ground, or they own royalties on what’s being mined. 

Gold is set to prove once again just why it’s a chosen safe haven for investors in times like these. That’s especially true for the companies that own a share of the gold already coming out of the ground at active mines.

When nothing else is making money, more investors are going to start looking at the one sector that’s thriving. Small, little-known companies will see their fortunes skyrocket overnight and the investors who buy-in at the right time will be the big winners. 

There’s one company right now that’s a perfect example of that. It collects payments from some of the world’s biggest gold mines but it only recently started trading. 

This means you have the chance to get in early and ride the wave of rising gold prices before everyone else. 

Learn all of the details here and see why it’s set to be one of the big investment stories of the year. 

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle