Balanced Life, Balanced Portfolio

The pursuit of wealth for wealth’s sake is NOT a worthy endeavor. 

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

I think now, today — with markets imploding, world powers invading weaker neighbors, and political derisiveness at an all-time highis the perfect time to be thinking deeply about what’s truly important in life. 

The old saying, “You can’t take it with you” rings as true today as it ever has.   

Over the years, I’ve witnessed several former friends and former colleagues pursue wealth solely for wealth’s sake. 

And a few have been very, very successful… monetarily that is.

The sad truth is… from what I could tell… not a single one of them ended up being any happier once they’d achieved superfluous wealth. In fact, in most instances, the exact opposite ended up metastasizing. 

I watched as the relentless pursuit of money literally ruined lives, ended friendships, and broke family bonds as the powerful allure of excess reared its ugly head.

It’s an unfortunate reality… and perhaps you’ve witnessed some of those same things within your own inner circle.

But in the spirit of turning a negative into a positive… let’s take a moment to ponder what truly IS important in life. 

Naturally, it’s different for each person… and I certainly would never tell anyone how to live their life. 

But for me, personally… happiness comes from focusing on the things that produce the strongest feelings of wellbeing from within. 

That includes many of the simpler things in life that come naturally like being a good friend, a caring father, an understanding partner, and an attentive listener. 

It also involves following my passion for living a healthy lifestyle while pursuing exhilarating outdoor activities with like-minded individuals. 

It’s funny… I always find myself jumping at the chance to talk with people who seem truly happy and content in their adulthood. 

They always seem to have a few key ingredients or mantras in common… one being, having a partner or tight-knit group of friends who share a common interest. 

More often than not, it includes pursuits that require some level of fitness, commitment, and coordination. 

I mean, let’s face it... when you’re out in nature doing something you love, whether alone or with other like-minded people… it’s pretty darn difficult NOT to be happy!

Health wealth and happiness- GO OUTSIDE

To me, those are just a few of the worthwhile endeavors that serve to keep one’s mind, body, and soul in perpetual balance. 

Of course, the attainment of some level of financial success is requisite to not only having the necessary resources but also the available leisuretime with which to pursue one’s passions… call it a ‘pursuit of passion,” if you will.

It’s the juxtaposition of working towards meaningful, healthy goals versus keeping up with the Joneses!

For me, having healthy goals allows me to feel much more relaxed when the markets go in the opposite direction I’d like them to… such as what we’re seeing right now.  

In general, I know my bank accounts and my trading accounts are going to rise significantly more during a bull versus a bear… and I’m able to not stress on it too much because I’m focused on the things I’m passionate about — and NOT money itself. 

I also enjoy what I do for a living… and I think that’s important too. 

My friend and colleague Nick Hodge gets it. 

He’s passionate about the markets… and for all the right reasons. 

Nick’s even written best-selling books on the topic of investing. 

And he’s carved out a nice niche for himself in the investment world by preemptively identifying trends within the macro environment that produce consistent wealth-building opportunities for his followers in ANY market. 

Nick has a passion for life… for friends… for family… and for the outdoors. 

He even moved his family some 3,000 miles away from a crowded city center to a rural community so his children can grow up breathing clean air while experiencing the great outdoors from their very doorstep. 

Building wealth in any market- but always prioritize family and health.

All of that comes shining through in Nick’s musings and in his unique approach to the markets. 

Nick also has a deep passion for metals and mining… as do I. 

I grew up in a mining family… so I’ve known what it’s like to stake mineral properties from a very early age on.

Growing up in a mining family, I have a deep passion for metals and mining.

Nick did not… but he’s very much drawn to it. He has a keen understanding of the importance of natural resources to our current and future existence on this planet. 

It’s one of the reasons why Nick jumps at the opportunity to go on mine site visits whenever and wherever possible… and he brings those select few he deems worthy of a potential investment opportunity directly to his readers.

Nick Hodge at a mine site visit.

He took his subscribers on his most recent silver tour here. 

And he has a gold tour coming up next week that you absolutely do not want to miss. 

And it’s not just commodities. Nick covers all aspects of the market. 

He even has his finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry. 

Of course, pot stocks are in the proverbial “Dogg” house at the moment… but they’re not entirely Up-in-Smoke just yet! 

I’ve no doubt Nick will be among the very first market experts to properly position himself and his followers once things start to elevate. 

Nick, if you’re listening, that’s the kind of site visit I’m truly looking forward to joining you on…

Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle