Are You Ready to Beat the Market in 2023? - January Foundational Profits Issue

Don’t be fooled by recent market action.

We’re still very much in a bear market and recession.

See how we’re setting up to beat the market — again.

Plus: Get three new stock recommendations for 2023 and an outlook for the year ahead.

January Foundational Profits Issue.

Hey, it's Nick Hodge here, excited to kick off a new year of market beating action.

And that of course means the first issue of the year, the January issue of Foundational Profits is available. 

If you haven't been keeping track, or you didn't know, last year we were able to generate above 30% returns in our closed portfolio. That's against an S&P that was down 20% for the year.

We're no stranger to beating the market.

We've done so seven out of the past eight years. And I don't expect this year to be any different.

But you do have to pay attention because, as this issue lays out, we are not out of the bear market yet.

It may be a new year, but it's the same bear market. 

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We still have a recession to work through. We have an inverted yield curve. We have layoffs that are ticking up. And we have a Fed that is still intent on not only raising rates but also quantitative tightening, taking $95 billion of liquidity away every month and leading to the first ever decline in the rate of change of M2 money supply.

This issue gets into what all that means, how much longer we can expect this bear market to last and of course, most importantly, what to do about it.

I call it a mid-cycle macro update — meaning we're about halfway through this bear market and recession. And now the market and investors are looking more toward recession as opposed to inflation like they did in all of 2022. 

I give a full commodities and precious metals update — everything from copper, lithium to uranium and gold. What's bullish, what we're investing in, and what I would stay away from and why.

Then we get into our allocations.

Foundational Profits is all about what I'm doing with my own capital and my retirement funds, my long term IRAs.

And I go through what I own and in what percentages from cash to gold to gold stocks to different sectors of the S&P, Including staples and industrials and utilities.

And by the way, this issue has three new recommendations for 2023 for you.

In this issue, we have a recommendation in the defense sector, we have a recommendation in the healthcare sector, and we have a recommendation in the utility sector as bond yields come down, which allows those rate-sensitive industries to outperform, including utilities.

And then I do a little bit of market wrap to call out for you things that are worth noting. 

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Two very important things are volatility. It's been down recently. I'm not so sure that's gonna last as earnings for Q4 come out. I expect there to be more volatility and downside ahead.

The second is China, which is starting to get bullish after ending covid lockdowns.

So a lot to go through in the January issue.

It's a small investment of $199 to become a member for the full year. That gets you 12 monthly issues, access to all the premium reports and, of course, a peek at the exact allocations that I'm making in my market-beating portfolio.

So I hope you'll join us for a new year by filling out the form here.

P.S. there's also three brand-new reports. 

  • Lithium Boom Profit ReportThere's one about a lithium stock. That's the most recent company to get federal approval to build a lithium mine and is being courted by many industrial miners and automakers as there's an ongoing lithium shortage and prices remain near a record. 
  • There's a report about a rare earth company. One of thRare Earths Profit Report.e only producing rare earths companies in the US and why that company is poised to benefit from the ongoing electrification, especially as it relates to supplying rare earths that are non-Chinese. That market is dominated some 80 or 90% by the Chinese who refine all of the rare earth metals that we use. And we know from the Russian situation this year that securing your supply chain of critical elements is important and that's why prices for many metals are rising. Million Dollar Transmission Profit Report.jpeg
  • And then there's a new report about an electric vehicle transmission stock. This is a parts manufacturer that is embedded with many of the largest auto, truck, van makers and bus makers in the country — providing them parts, not just for traditional gas and diesel vehicles, but increasingly for electric axles and components for next generation vehicles. 

Not only are there three new reports, there are three new recommendations: one in the cannabis space, one in the uranium space, and one in the healthcare space.

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