Are You in These Bull Markets? - February Foundational Profits Issue

Nick Hodge here with Foundational Profits.

That's the monthly letter where I chronicle what I'm doing with my long-term safe capital.

Not the money I need for groceries today or the mortgage next month, but the large nest egg that I'm managing for my kids’ education and for my wife’s and my retirement.

The February issue is jam-packed with actionable insights and guidance.


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We start as we typically do with an overview of macro markets, which are changing.

There was talk of recession appearing for the past year, including from myself, but the data has changed over the past couple of weeks, including on the economic growth front and on the jobs front.

I am changing my positioning and issuing new recommendations as a result.

That's what most people are looking at when they subscribe to Foundational Profits. They want to see the allocations I have in my portfolio. And that's certainly part of this publication.

So right after we go through the macro data at the top, you get a snapshot of the current Foundational Profits portfolio and how much of each position I currently own within the context of my own portfolio.

There are three new recommendations in this issue.

We get into a health care position. I know tech stocks have been in the headlines, but, right after the technology sector, health care has been the best performing sector of the year so far. We start buying a health care position.

We buy into an individual country position. We do this from time to time. Last year, we profited from India and the Philippines, for example. This month, in the February issue of Foundational Profits, we’re buying into another country that has exposure to some commodities that I believe are going to do well over the next couple of quarters. So that's the second recommendation.

And then we go into a low-volatility S&P play that you'll have to read the issue to learn more about.

So that's three new recommendations.

There's also an update on cannabis. An update on uranium. And an update on gold.

Along with guidance on positions that we have within those sectors.

Cannabis is on the move for reasons you can read about in the issue. I give price guidance for our cannabis position.

The uranium sector has been on the move. We have several positions in that sector, and I give price guidance updates on those positions.

And we have positions in the gold sector as well. We go through how gold has been responding to the Fed's jawboning.

So there's plenty to get into in the issue.

If you're looking to self-manage your long-term capital or retirement portfolios… If you’re a money manager or advisor looking for new investment ideas for your clients… Or if you just want to copycat what I'm doing with my long-term portfolio…

Then I encourage you to check out Foundational Profits. You can do that starting with the February issue by filling out the form here.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle