An Insider’s Take on Investing in Uranium Stocks - Bizarro World 209

Episode 209 of Investing in Bizarro World is all about uranium. We had Justin Huhn from Uranium Insider as a guest, and asked him everything we could think of about uranium, as well as some questions that readers submitted via Twitter. We discuss where we are in the cycle, when the spot price will move higher, the current state of uranium stocks, and much more. Check out the episode by clicking below. Enjoy.

0:00 Intro
1:09 Uranium Insider’s Primer on the Uranium Sector
6:37 All in on Uranium or Diversified?
8:12 What Inning Are We In?
12:42 When Will the Spot Price Move Higher?
17:46 Current State of Uranium Equities
22:52 Is the Reward Worth the Wait?
26:54 What Will Attract Larger Players to Uranium?
28:43 To Hedge or Not to Hedge?
31:22 Why Does Uranium Can Get Kicked Down the Road?
40:39 Reader Questions from Twitter
43:52 What Would We Have Done Differently with Hindsight?


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