America’s Next Biggest Gold Mine

I need to tell you about a gold project.

One that could quickly become the largest in America.

Publicly, it contains 4 million ounces of gold. 

That alone already makes it an exceptionally large gold find.

In fact, as a past-producer, it was once one of the largest gold mines in the country and the absolute biggest Idaho has ever seen. 

But this mine has a secret.

New technology has unlocked an entirely separate high-grade gold deposit near the old mine. And the market has no clue. 

The company is drilling now, which means the full picture will soon be revealed. 

It ticks off all the boxes for gold mines that make investors rich, which is why I’m so excited about it and have been buying shares along with a small group of in-the-know investors. 

I believe there is much more gold there than is currently publicly known — at least twice as much — perhaps ten million ounces. 

You see, the company that now owns it went public in 2017.

Since then, it has completed resource assessments, a preliminary economic assessment (PEA), and is now conducting a prefeasibility study.

Those studies already showed a gem of a gold mine — one worth ~US$150 million at current gold prices. 

They also showed the mine would produce gold on the cheap, with all-in sustaining costs of just US$1,057 per ounce

As it stands, this could already be a 5-bagger.

But there are a few unique circumstances afoot that could make it an even bigger win.

First off, since the PEA was done the company has done a significant amount of drilling to upgrade and increase current resources.

Those results will be included in an upcoming prefeasibility study. 

Plus, late last year the company found high-grade underground gold that was previously unknown on the project. Its geologists are now positing that it could be an orogenic gold deposit with a much deeper vertical extent than anyone first thought. 

If drilling confirms that theory, it could turn into America’s biggest new gold discovery. 

Not only that, but the project is incredibly leveraged to the price of gold.

As I said, at current gold prices this project has a net present value of US$150 million.

But if gold prices rise to $1,950, that NPV jumps to US$211 million — more than 6 times what the company is currently being valued. 

And that doesn’t include any of the deeper gold that’s recently been discovered. 

And there are yet more reasons why these shares should be re-rated higher…

The project has already gone through permitting once as a previous producer, which should make doing so again much easier than permitting a new project.

It also has significant infrastructure in place, including leach ponds, and adsorption-desorption-recovery plant (ADR), and a high-wattage power line with substation right onsite. 

So not only could this be America’s biggest new gold discovery, it has a headstart on getting that gold into production in both permitting and infrastructure terms. 

When you take a look at recent acquisitions in the gold space, you can get a better sense of what this gold mine could be worth in the market. 

Earlier this year, large gold miner B2Gold took out Oklo Resources for $62 million. Oklo had gold resources of just 669,000 ounces. So B2Gold paid just over $92 per ounce. 

At that rate, the ten million ounces I think this project has would be worth $926 million, making every share worth $10.65.
That would make this a 2,030% winner. 

Other takeouts have come at an even higher premium. When Barrick bought out Randgold a few years ago it paid $240 per ounce. 

That would make this ground worth $2.4 billion, and shares of the company that own it worth over $27.50 — some 5,423% higher than they currently trade.

And it could all happen very quickly.

That’s why I put my “boots on the ground” to bring the full scoop on this mine to the investing public. And given current market conditions, it couldn’t come at a better time. 

I have compiled all the details into a documentary-style movie that will premiere on September 8th at 3pm ET. 

I’m excited to show you what I think could become America's biggest new gold discovery. 

I love finding tiny, under-the-radar stocks. It’s my favorite thing to do. 

There’s nothing like the thrill of making multiples of your money on tiny stocks... It’s something I've done several times, including recommending +1,000%, +2,000%, and even +3,000% winners. 

It never gets old. 

Gains like that change your life. They’ve certainly changed mine. 

But you have to know where to look. 

The gold industry is unfortunately something of a closed-off world... and few are allowed to see its inner workings.

It’s taken me more than a decade to get all the way inside. 

These days I’m lucky: I receive invitations to all of the world’s most exclusive mining conferences.

I rub elbows with the gold mining elite. 

And I take meaningful stakes with my own capital in what I think will be best-in-breed gold companies early in their life cycles. 

The one I'll be premiering soon in America’s Next Biggest Gold Mine isn’t just best-in-breed… It's best-in-show. It could be the biggest new gold discovery in America. 

I got into early-stage investing to secure my family’s financial future... plain and simple.

And the reason I put together this event for you is because I want to help others do exactly the same.

So please make sure you register to see it. The event is Thursday, September 8th. At 3:00 pm Eastern Time.

I really look forward to seeing you then… and showing you how to make serious money from tiny gold stocks at the premiere of America’s Next Biggest Gold Mine.

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Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle