Altcoins: The Next Round of Crypto Gains

I have written to you numerous times about how I own Bitcoin. 

It’s stored on an offline device in my safe next to the gold and the bullets. 

Until recently, I viewed it like the guns and the bullets — an insurance policy that I’d rather not use. 

With the acquiescence of Wall Street and the SEC, and under the tutelage of Chris Curl, my views on and investments in the crypto sector are changing. 

Today I also own Bitcoin via one of the recently-listed ETFs. The same with Ethereum. I also own a few positions in crypto- and blockchain-related stocks like crypto miners, crypto exchanges and crypto ancillary services like Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) and MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) and Robinhood (NASDAQ: HOOD) and PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) and Block (NYSE: SQ).

Imminent Approval to Launch Tiny $4 Gold Stock

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So I own the most well-known of what are called Layer 1 coins and related stocks. Again, using Chris’s guidance not only in my decision-making process but also in the actual process of buying Bitcoin on an exchange and moving it into a physical wallet. 

He can show you as well via hand-holding tutorial videos and reports, including his just-released playbook for the upcoming Bitcoin halving, set to occur in just four days. 

But what Chris has really been good at — and what most people miss out on when they look at cryptocurrencies — is generating significant returns from so-called altcoins like Solana, which he recommended at $25. It currently trades five times higher at $135. 

In that respect, you can think of Bitcoin and Ether like Blue Chip stocks, and altcoins like smallcaps or juniors. 

And what Chris will tell you — and what history has shown — is that these altcoins go up many multiples of Bitcoin once a halving passes. 

So far, he has doubled the real money portfolio he’s working with in Crypto Cycle. Those gains have mostly come from larger, more well-known coins. 

It’s Called “The Halving” and It’ll Change Bitcoin Forever

Not long from now Bitcoin is going to make itself more valuable using a hard-wired mechanism called the “halving.” It was written into the original code from the beginning, nobody can stop it or slow it down, and it’s a genius feature that reduces inflation and boosts price.

3 halvings have occurred already — and each one has led to an incredible increase in gains, exactly as it was intended to do. Investors who were in the know made fortunes... and this one will be no different. (In fact, for reasons I’ll explain, this will likely be the biggest halving in history.) But if you want your share of the gains, you need to act now or miss it forever.

He expects the next round of outsized crypto gains to come from lesser-known altcoins. That was certainly the case after the last Bitcoin Halving and subsequent crypto bull run during which Chris made 6,011% on SafeMoon and 9,450% on Dogecoin. 

The time to position for the next run is now as we head into the halving. 

And because this space is so new, there aren’t a lot of bonafide experts out there to guide you. You need to follow somebody who's learned hands on, somebody who's had success with crypto in the real world. 

For me and many other satisfied members of Crypto Cycle, that person is Cris Curl. 

The halving is set to occur on April 20. 

Chris has a new playbook out that will help you get positioned not only in Bitcoin, but in the altcoins he expects to go up much more than Bitcoin. 

You should be sure to check that out.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle