All Bulled Up - March Foundational Profits Issue

Time has changed and so have the markets. 

Lots of things are hitting all time record highs. The S&P is up, the Dow is up, the NASDAQ is up, Bitcoin is at all time highs, gold is at all time highs, even cocoa is at all time highs. 

We dive into that in the March issue of Foundational Profits, which is where I write about how I'm managing my long-term safe capital — what you might call your retirement account, 401k or IRA. 

We get long in this issue. We get long of China. And I go through the full rationale.

We als get long of copper, and we discuss why. And the vehicle we use to do it has a very interesting jurisdictional approach.  

So you get two new recommendations that I’m also personally buying for my portfolio. 

And we of course discuss the macro markets. 

What's driving these all time highs across multiple asset classes? 

Wages are now outpacing inflation. Job growth is fairly strong. And again, stocks, commodities, and Bitcoin are all at record highs.

Hint, hint: It has to do with Uncle Sam and his money printer. And that's also one of the reasons that gold is at all-time highs alongside these other asset classes.

We talk about how to play it in this March issue. 

We also get into cannabis, which we're holders of and was recently talked about in the State of the Union. 

We talk about uranium, which just had a run to over $100 a pound and has just gone through a standard 20 % correction. I talk about the two ways we're playing that and the levels at which you should do so. 

So it’s a busy March. 

We're heading into spring. Markets are changing. We've got new recommendations, new positioning, and an analysis on what's driving these all-time highs.  

It's not time to do nothing. It's time to pay attention. And I hope you pay attention to the March issue of Foundational Profits by checking it out below.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle