AI Stocks Coming for Low-Level Banking & Insurance Processes

AI is here. 

Whether you use it is up to you. I have found ChatGPT useful to answer questions, provide information, and generate ideas. When we took the kids to Texas to see the eclipse in April, for example, it was great at providing a starting point for daily activities. 

Whether you profit from it is up to you, too. We certainly have been doing that around here. John Carl just closed out a big win for members on Nvidia, which has become the de facto AI play and driver of markets as it provides the chips necessary to make intelligence artificial. 

Here are three slice-of-life vignettes that make that case for AI moving more deeply into our lives — and our portfolios. 

Does Cindy Coburn Exist? 

I was rear-ended by a pimple-faced high school kid a few weeks ago. Shit happens. 

Upon calling the 800-number for his parents’ insurance, I’m given a claim number. 

I get a text introducing me to the claim adjuster, Cindy Coburn. It asks me to upload pictures. 

I call Cindy to ask questions about the claim, rental coverage, and car seat replacement. No answer. I email her. No reply. 

I contact my preferred body shop and get a quote. I text Cindy the quote and ask to schedule service. No reply. I call. No answer. I leave voicemail.

The next morning, I get an email saying the claim is approved, I can schedule the repair, and my rental car reservation has been made. 

My truck goes in next Monday and Enterprise will, as they say, pick me up. 

I never talked to Cindy Coburn. 

Does she exist? Does she need to? 

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Video Banking or Virtual Banking?

I’m refinancing an investment property. 

The credit union that offered the best terms requires me to open a savings account there. They say I can do that via their “Video Banking” platform. 

I click the link and am taken to a video call with an operator. His name is Sam. 

Sam asks my name, the last four of my social, and my address. He asks me to hold my driver’s license up to the camera. 

He then sends me a Docusign email. I click the links and buttons and my savings account is open. 

How long will Sam have a job? 

Entitled No More

One of the biggest rackets in real estate is title companies and title insurance. 

I need to use one as part of the aforementioned investment property financing. 

I get an email from Crystal. She works at the title company that the credit union uses for closings. 

It welcomes me to “the future of real estate”. I wonder if that future includes Crystal. Her employer is now using software called inHere to aggregate info. I click the button to create an account. My browser autofills all the data. 

Once complete, I get an automatic email thanking me for doing so, and asking if I’d like to opt into e-signing for the entire closing so I don’t even have to go in person. 

And that’s why on any given day Nvidia is responsible for 10-20% of the movement of the entire stock market. It’s why the first trillion-dollar companies are data and AI-related. 

Billions are being spent securing the best tech to usher in this new era. 

And we’re here for it in more ways than one. 

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Take real estate specifically. A few years ago I helped finance a real estate startup called RESAAS (TSX-V: RSS)(OTC: RSASF). As you may guess from the name, its product is a software as a service (SAAS) real estate platform that connects agents and brokers to streamline the listing and commission process, but has since moved into areas of title as well. We financed it at $0.20 in 2018 and sold our shares less than four years later for over $0.60. We had warrants as well. If you want to do those types of private placements with us at Private Placement Intel, check out our latest webinar, so you can learn how to do so.

Later this week, we’ll have a new Digital Dispatch report out about the top buyout candidates in artificial intelligence. These are the companies providing solutions that will take e-signing, video banking, and claims adjusting to the next non-human level. 

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle