AI Drug Discovery and Cheaper EVs

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The worry surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict is that it will spill out and involve other countries in the region. It remains to be seen what effect that could have on markets, especially oil. 

1. AI-Assisted Drug Discovery

The University of Florida recently successfully tested a new drug in a class called exercise mimetics. These are drugs that can cause the body to experience the positive effects of exercise and could potentially be used to treat conditions like diabetes and obesity. New drugs like this are hard to bring to market because of how long they take to develop, but artificial intelligence could help cut that development time down. That’s why you’re going to see a rise in demand for metals like copper, which are used to power the systems behind AI. One copper supplier is set to benefit from this trend greatly, and you can too if you invest. 

AI Drug Discovery and Cheaper EVs

2. Saudi SMRs

Saudi Arabia wants to diversify its energy sources and is looking into small modular reactors to make that happen. It wants to do this for both domestic use and to export. This is just the latest example of countries becoming increasingly serious about fighting climate change, which means a growing demand for uranium for nuclear plants. Here’s how you can take advantage of the trend. 

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3. Cheap Teslas

With recent cuts and rebates, the price of a Tesla Model 3 is now just shy of $39,000. That brings it under the average price of a new car in the US, which is over $45,000. This could be a tipping point for electric vehicles, especially as other manufacturers carve out their shares of the market and look to compete with Tesla. EVs are fast becoming the norm and lithium demand is climbing. You will want to get in on this lithium player in order to profit. 

4. Bitcoin Dominance

At 48.5%, Bitcoin now makes up just under half of the $1 trillion crypto market. That’s up from 38% in January. Investors have been moving from other coins into the original cryptocurrency for its safety and are positioning to benefit from the sector’s turnaround. That could be happening next year, around spring, for several reasons. Learn about it here and see just how you can benefit. 

What to Look For:

Newly released CPI numbers show that inflation is still an issue, so the Fed is likely to stay the course.

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle