A strong February signals a rich spring

Since last week: 

Investor sentiment is high as the Nasdaq reached all-time highs. 

1. Gold’s Push

Gold has been holding around $2,050 per ounce, giving traders hopes that it will pop on any positive indication from the Fed that rate hikes might be coming. Economic news that has been coming in of late indicates that things are in better shape than predicted, so gold may have its day sooner than later. Click here to learn about the miner you should be buying ahead of any positive news

2. Crypto’s Wild Week

Cryptocurrency had an absolutely wild week with Bitcoin seeing a rise, fall, and another rise of its price. The world’s leading crypto closed the month out at 44% up, the largest monthly gain since December 2020. With the halving due sometime in April, that gain may look like a negligible amount a year from now. Click here to learn all about how you can make sure you’re positioned to profit from what’s to come

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3. Nvidia’s Strong Month

Nvidia is another name that had a strong February but that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone following the tech space. As the main player in providing the chips that power AI, Nvidia is positioned to climb even higher than it has in the past year. If you have an interest in tech, then click here to learn more about how you can get into Nvidia and other companies set to benefit from this booming trend

4. Both Sides Agree on Nuclear

Nuclear energy is the future but it’s also often slowed by processes and reviews before a plant can get up and running. The House of Representatives wants to change that with recent legislation aiming to bolster the country’s energy production by speeding up environmental reviews needed for new reactors. The bill was approved and could be reconciled with similar legislation making its way through the Senate. It shows that nuclear power is being taken seriously and makes the case for why it will be a big investment for years to come. Click here to learn all about how you can profit from the uranium that will power the nuclear plants in the country’s future

What to Look For

Even if interest rate cuts are still a ways off, the talk about them is getting louder.

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle