A rare copper-gold-silver private placement opportunity

The last several years in the resource space have been some of the most challenging in recent memory. Despite the lean years, my friend, business partner, and colleague Nick Hodge and I have been able to deliver some big wins. 

We were able to leverage our network and vet quality deals for ourselves and for our subscribers. We used that network to help fund companies through private placements which, of course, comes with its own perks.

The obvious one is Patriot Battery Metals (TSX: PMET) which went on to be up as much as 10,000%. But that was far from the only big win.

Aldebaran Resources (TSX-V: ALDE) is up 253%.

Q2 Metals (TSX-V: QTWO) is up nearly 200%.

Critical Elements Lithium (TSX-V: CRE) is up 200%.

Ditto for Skyharbour Resources (TSX-V: SYH) which is up triple digits.

$4 gold stock to surge 12,500% on critical announcement

Literally any day now, a government announcement is set to greenlight the biggest gold mine in America.

And could send the $4 miner that owns it surging for no less than 12,500% gains.

For reasons you’ll see, its real gold windfall has been kept hidden from the public. But that’s about to change.

You need to position yourself immediately.

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Last but not least, Bravo Mining (TSX-V: BRVO), which just announced an important high-grade IOCG-style Massive Sulphide Copper-Gold discovery in Brazil, has delivered a 500% return in two years.

All of these companies still have lots of runway left, and we are now in a commodity supercycle that I believe will be historic. One we plan on taking full advantage of. 

And that is why I am writing the biggest check of my career for an opportunity that I believe has quadruple-digit return potential. Not only am I writing that check, but we have the opportunity to offer select accredited investors the opportunity to participate alongside us. 

The opportunity is in the right commodities: copper, gold, and silver and lots of it. 

I want to invite you to register for our live webinar, which will outline the opportunity, answer any questions, and explain why we’re so excited about the next several years.

To do so, you must call us at (844) 992-3004. You’ll talk to Jimmy, our Director of Customer Experience, who will get you registered. Or you can request that he call you by providing your phone number at this link

Let’s get it!

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle